How to tie a Bow-tie

How to tie a Bow-tie
article by Style, Inspiration, & Design Contributor: Kate Sanders

I recently worked with Lisa Sammons Events on a wedding in July in Rye, NH as an on-site event manager. Every event brings lessons. I’ve always made a point to be reflective after work and take stock of what I learned and what I will do differently next time.  Sometimes the lessons are small, like remembering to bring more wine keys or umbrellas.  Other times, however they lessons are much more significant.  After Holly & Mike’s wedding I reflected on three items:

1. learn to tie a bow tie .. and commit it to memory.

holy_mike_1_b holy_mike_2_a


Finished Product – How did we do?

2.  As much as a clip board seems pretentious it would actually lend to be pretty useful though out an event.


3. The third item was something I already knew but it was particularly apparent at this wedding – the wedding ‘planner’ (Lisa Sammons) is also a wedding and event designer.  I’m not sure that most people understand the role that the designer plays in weddings (I’m not 100% sure people know what a planner does either, but most could distill it down conceptually).  This wedding, however, the guests left knowing how an event can be designed effectively and beautifully.


Photo credit: Giftable Designs Photography

Creating an event that embodies the vision of the bride (or guest of honor), it speaks with the same accent and creates the dimensional display of all of the indiscriminate, nonspecific and sometimes haphazard illustrations provided.


Photo credit Giftable Designs Photography

I think the best way I can describe it is comparing the role to an interior designer.  EVERYONE wants a designer to take over their house.  Maybe not even your whole house, I would really love a true, talented designer to create my living room – I want to walk into my living room everyday and see a page from Architectural Digest.  Don’t you want that for your wedding? And don’t think that you can see a great picture in Martha’s Weddings and think that you can recreate it.  Even with the greatest Maid of Honor in the world, you and all your friends will NOT have the time (or patience) the day of your wedding, and not the hundred (s) of days before.  Also, wouldn’t you prefer your wedding be a picture in Martha’s magazines, instead of an attempt at a recreation of someone else’s wedding?

Photo credit: Lisa Sammons Events Photography

That’s truly what I took away from Holly’s wedding.  Not just the operational aspect (which is where I primary fall) but the designed and detailed effect from entry to exit, from beginning to end.  Each guest not only noticed the beauty, but remarked on the charm, grace and elegance.  It was evident in the bride and translated by the designer.  That is something that will not be portrayed in a spreadsheet but is of immeasurable value.

Article: Kate Sanders – Contributing Writer-Style,Inspiration,&Design/Event Manger- Lisa Sammons Events

Editor: Lisa Sammons / Owner/Principal Planner & Lead Designer – Lisa Sammons Events/Style, Inspiration, & Design

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