Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

By Jackie Burke, Wedding Photos by Ian Aldrich

How we met:

Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

Sean and I met through a mutual friend; he was the teddy bear I wanted to squeeze every time I saw him. He had a sense of humor that I fell in love with instantly and he discriminated against no one. His honesty was refreshing and the one thing I immediately noticed was his generosity. He would and did just about anything for anyone. If you needed Sean and if Sean could help, he would. He also knew how to be a gentleman. He opened my car door for me when he picked me up for our first date.  He had a confidence about him that put me at ease and we were inseparable from that first date. Laughter is most important to me and because he had me laughing every day since September, 2007, I knew I’d spend the rest of my life with him.

The Proposal:

Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

I’ll try to stay away from cliché, but it’s hard when I begin with ‘It was on Valentines Day’. So, It was on Valentines Day 2009 and I was painfully hoping this would be the night Sean would propose. I watched his every move, I checked his pockets, I tried to sense any nerves coming through in the form of sweat or shakes, but nothing gave. Sean’s always been calm and collected and very little riles him up. There was no reading the situation. We went to a beautiful Relais and Chateau, the same one from the previous Valentines Day, and the host guided us to our table as he said, “Right this way Mr. & Mrs. Burke”.

AH! Could this be so feasible? Me, a Mrs.?

Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

We were seated, we ordered, we ate. I excused myself to use the bathroom and left my purse behind. Sean knew I had a camera and was smart enough to grab it and have the wait staff be prepared for that special moment.

Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

I returned from the bathroom and we ordered dessert and then Sean turned to me to tell me all the things any woman wants and needs to hear before they are proposed to. He did it just right and got down on his knee as the camera flashed and restaurant clapped for us and I was the happiest girl in the world.  I was so loved by this man. I am so loved by this man. I don’t remember dessert.


Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

If there was one thing I knew when it came to my wedding, (and it is true that I only had one thing in mind) it was that I wanted a beautiful party. I wanted people to be comfortable and be happy. I wanted a night to remember for everyone involved, and everyone remembers a good party. I had an open mind for everything else.  Little did I know how much of “everything else” there was to planning a wedding.


Real Bride-How We Met and Our Engagement

I decided I would have an outdoor wedding and it would be under a tent so if it rained, it would rain on the tent and not my party. Oh well. Here goes nothing.  We decided September because September in New England made sense, as it seemed most reliable. (New England weather, reliable?)  We chose the perfect location on the water in a brick courtyard only steps away from the center of town, yet it was still intimate and private and accommodated all guests.

Article: Jackie Burke-Contributing Writer-Style, Inspiration, & Design
Editor: Lisa Sammons / Owner/Principal Planner & Lead Designer – Lisa Sammons Events/Style, Inspiration, & Design

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