Bridesmaid Dresses-Color Ideas

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Bridesmaid Dresses: “Color, Style, Fit, and Vendor”

Here we go! Bridesmaid Dresses-Color Ideassherbert bridesmaid dresses

You have your colors narrowed down to blue and green for your wedding….which is great! But what does that actually mean ?

J.Crew Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses 4

Just an example of a few blues…


turquoise_sage_light green _hunter green bridesmaid dresses

and a few “Greens”….

(In designer “speak” these are teal, sea-foam, light kelly green, and emerald)

Also, many people don’t “see” color, so be prepared when speaking to your vendors, (especially your wedding planner) they will ask you for a more detailed description.

Our advice as always is to have examples of what you see as “your” colors.

Purple, burgundy, bridesmaid dresses, J.Crew

And if you can’t decide yet, have several photo examples to use as example with your vendors. Pinning via Pinterest is a good way to narrow down what you like, and your wedding planner can really help you narrow down your choices and be the voice of reason, and your #1 advocate in the process.

lavender_violet_purple bridesmaid dresses

As you can see using the image above, one might say, “I want purple bridesmaid dresses” – there are so many shades, from subtle to a drastic difference.

Good Wedding Planners are many things, planners, managers, coordinators, and especially designers. They will help you bring your vision together cohesively, simplifying your wonderful day into a “design” that will have all your guests “ooohh’ing and aahhhhing” on the day of your wedding.

You might be wondering while reading this……
But I thought this was a blog about bridesmaid dresses? Yes, it is!!
Believe it or not, the choice of your bridesmaid dress/color will drive the “look” of your wedding and will anchor the design of your wedding.

Gray and Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Once you get your “color” narrowed down, then start thinking about length. Short, long, or in between. Traditionally, the cooler the season, the darker the attire, and more traditional or formal the wedding, the longer the dress. But really anything goes these days.

It’s your wedding…. the decision is up to you!

We’ll cover seasons and traditions in our next blog, so check back for our next bridesmaid dress blog!

Article: Lisa Sammons / Owner/Principal Planner & Lead Designer – Lisa Sammons Events/Contributor-Features Editor – Style, Inspiration, & Design

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