Sugarbabies Inc-LSE Certified Vendor

Sugarbabies Inc-LSE Certified Vendor
LSE came across Good Will and Them Apples during research for a Newport, RI Bride and Groom that wanted a live band for their tented wedding in Newport, RI ~

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We had several notes from the B&G and their families, which was a special request to ask any performance based vendor. They wanted background music for the majority of their event and just push for the performance/dance period for the last hour and half of their reception.

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Being in Newport, RI and outdoors for any event is a challenge, in the nicest sense of the word. A great deal of the properties are considered residential, and events must adhere to strict City of Newport sound regulations.

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Additionally, the B and G wanted a lovely “wine dinner” theme to their reception, which naturally increased the “normal” food service from an hour and a half to almost 3 hours with 6 courses of food service paired with wonderful wine. They also wanted to have the music at such a level that their guests could easily converse throughout the lovely dinner they planned.

I spoke to several bands about this concept and they, being performers, had a tough time wrapping their heads around it was the B & G’s “day” rather than a concert day for the band…..until I spoke to Eytan Nicholson at Sugarbabies/Good Will & Them Apples.

Eytan immediately responded to my inquiry with “We’ll do whatever the Bride and Groom wants… it’s their day afterall” and…further stated, “we are in the hospitality business first and foremost”.

With these 2 statements, this vendor moves to the top of LSE’s recommended vendors in the music category.

Noting the versatility and experience that Good Will and Them Apples encompasses, I asked if they would be willing to also perform during cocktail hour with some light jazz. “Of course!”

Sugarbabies Inc-LSE Certified Vendor

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The Trio was absolutely fantastic. Perfect sound levels, and great fit for the party. The band leader (Cody Volk) did a wonderful job reading the guests energy level and appropriate times to change tempos throughout the evening as well.  I can honestly say, this was one of the BEST bands I have had the pleasure of working with at an event. Cody either had his guitar in his hands or his clipboard – and I’m being perfectly honest about that visual.

Photo credit: Sugarbabies, Inc

Photo credit: Sugarbabies, Inc

Fantastic job !!! I can’t wait to work with them again.
For more information, video clips and fun pics, be sure to visit their site here

For booking or more info, contact Eytan Nicholson (206) 661-4126 moc.liamgnull@dnabselppameht
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We are proud to say, Sugarbabies Inc. and Good Will & Them Apples are Lisa Sammons Events Certified Vendors!

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