Wedding Shopping-Real Wedding Planner Advice






Wedding Shopping-Real Wedding Planner Advice

The first question you will hear when you get engaged is: “Have you set a date?”

For most engaged couples this date is more than a year away.
Many Brides and Grooms need to budget and save money for their wedding events. Brides and Grooms have an amazing amount of work and preparation to accomplish during the 12-18 months before their wedding, even with just booking vendors and finding just the right accoutrements for their events.

Your venue(s) will need to be booked at least a year in advance. The invitations, flowers, and cake, to name just a few, need to be booked and ordered way a head of time. And after you have found your dress, it will take between 4 and 6 months for it to come in. With all of that said, there are many things to do, but also alot of time “waiting” for things to happen.
So here’s my warning: with ample planning time, you’re also going to have plenty of idle time, dreaming time, and BUYING time.

Let’s fast forward, the wedding is months away, your not stressed, and you’re right on track with planning. But….this does not stop your mind…. does it?
I’m a little obsessive, but I think most brides will ALWAYS be thinking of their wedding, always planning, always looking for inspiration and ideas and hopefully loving the process!
Keep in mind; this is when the buying splurges happen!
fiance thinking

I don’t care if you have a budget or not, DO NOT purchase anything for your wedding out of spontaneity.

Here’s my Advice: “To manage your spending, stick to your budget so that you do not incur unnecessary expenses” and….. Avoid Impulse Buying!

Most brides (& some grooms) will get carried away. I did for my wedding and I had every advantage (being an event planner and all).

It was late at night, I has a glass (bottle) of wine, was cruising harmlessly around eBay and I found a great deal (or at least I thought it was).
Clicking the “buy me now” button sent it on its way.
Hey, I’m not afraid to say…. I caved

frosted white tealight votives

I saw 200 votive candles for only $100 (+shipping) and though “what a great deal!  I need votives and now I’ll have plenty”

But you know what came in the mail?!

interlocking heart frosted votives Yikes!
Two hundred frosted glass votives with interlocking hearts.
They were not what I imagined, nor were they my taste or style, there was no way I could (or would) use these in my wedding. Small-craft-closet-storage-with-boxes-and-baskets

So I packed them away. Now I had them in my house (I was unable to return them) taking up way too much space in my closet waiting for us to loose power so I could use them in some way.

..and they were taking up valuable space that I could have been using for shoes!

As an Event Manager who worked through part of her career in the Hotel industry, this is not the worst example of impulse purchases I have been witness to.  I have seen much, much worse.
What always looked to me as many an “eBay purchase gone bad”, place-settings with too many “keepsakes” favors, tattered and used table runners, shoes that don’t fit properly, and so many other examples of impulse buys that can potentially scar an otherwise perfect event…..all purchased by brides online and impulsively.

Remember….you get what you pay for….

If you do your research,  (and don’t drink wine when you are shopping online – haaa), you will be fine.

bride shopping online at home

On the off chance you feel an impulse shopping urge, here’s my advice: “Pretend” shop to satisfy the urge.

Here’s how: Set up a few accounts that allow you to “pin” a purchase and give yourself a day or two to think it over.
Then show the items to friends and allow yourself to make a thoughtful purchase that will improve and enhance your wedding. This will help stop the impulsive purchase that might waste money for the sake of buying something that appears to be “THE” thing of the moment.
There’s Pinterest and Wanelo, which both provide a great way to see what’s trending. These sites allow you to file everything you “like” into folders so you can show your friends, family, and bridesmaids.
My last bit of advice is to use a friend, a maid of honor, mom or even your significant other as your “control”.

bride-and-groom shopping online
Make an agreement that you will not purchase anything for your wedding without a consultation with them, even for the smallest of acquisition.  At least that way all of your purchases will have reason, thought and purpose.

Bride and Bridemaid Shopping online

And it’s a great way to connect with your friends, families, and bridesmaids. It gets everyone engaged in your wedding planning process as well.

I hope this helps fight the urge!

Article: Kate Sanders / Contributor – Style, Inspiration, & Design
Lisa Sammons / Owner/Principal Planner & Lead Designer – Lisa Sammons Events/Contributor-Features Editor – Style,Inspiration,&Design

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