Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses: Color: Poppy

Here’s the next segment in our Bridesmaid Dresses: “Color” Story……

You  might already know you want to use your favorite color for your wedding…..
But maybe you are the type of Bride who LOVES color and can’t decide on your Wedding Colors yet. …
Wedding Style: Bridesmaid Dresses Fall
Are you looking for a little inspiration, guidance and wedding style advice?  Then this article is for you!

Let’s start with the current trends~
If you are the type of bride that likes to keep up with the Trends, you’ll already know what the 2013 Pantone Wedding Colors are…. but just in case, we’ve included them above as a guide and starting off point for planning your Wedding Style & Design.

This will be a 10 part article with a segment devoted to each color to give it the detail it deserves!

First up: Poppy Red:
Let’s start with a little inspiration: Poppies are a Spring Flower, and with the Softness of petal and vibrant color, using the actual flower as inspiration will work well in any wedding no matter what the season.

Beautiful Color Combo Teal and Poppy Red

Such a great pop of color! For Bridesmaid dresses, Short for Spring & Summer ~
or add length for an Autumn or Winter wedding. Poppy is a wonderful color choice this year or next.

Panatone Poppy Red Bridesmaid Dresses

We can’t stop thinking how amazing this dress would look offset with light Teal for the late Summer:
Poppy and Light Teal Wedding

and a darker teal anchoring the color for Fall.
Poppy Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Or….is your Style “Vintage” ?….  You like poppy as a color….. but the current Panatone “trend” is a little too bright for you in all your Bridesmaid Dresses…..


1950’s Vintage Poppy Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress

Try using it as an accent color in ribbons, sashes, ties, or in Groomsmen shirt color.

Vintage Wedding Dress with Poppy Ribbon
If the bright Poppy color is still too much for you…..but you really love it….and want to use it!
…Try toning down the the look by using mixed shades of Poppy-hued Bridesmaid Dresses and Styles, giving it a softer more romantic feel.

Poppy Bridesmaid Dresses

So Pretty! Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Styles & Colors!
Keeping the Bouquets all in 1 color and texture ties all of the looks together beautifully.

Next Color Article Segment: Nectarine!

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