Last Minute Wedding To-Dos

Last Minute Wedding To-Dos ~ Real Wedding Planner Advice:  Procrastinators Take Heed!
Do not wait until the week of your wedding to do “last minute” tasks. Real Planner Advice: Don't Procrastinate

Dear Brides, never think, say, or even imply that will have time to do anything when referring to week, day before, day of,  or day after your wedding.

Are you planning on taking a week off from work before your wedding to “do all your last minute items”?
7 days before your wedding may seem like a long time but it’s gone in a flash.

Enlist your family, friends, and wedding planner to help assist you with the tasks at hand.

If your bridal party gifts need to be tied in pretty little boxes, wrap them as soon as you have them in your possession, or better yet: designate someone else to do it, or at least ask for a helping hand to complete the task.

Get help wrapping gifts

Real Wedding Planner Advice: Time is Money… and your time is extremely precious the month before your wedding.
If, for example, you are planning to have gift or welcome bags for your guests, we recommend outsourcing them.

We’ve come across cases when even having a wedding planner, some B&G’s like to create their Welcome Bags  on their own “to save money”. (honestly, you won’t save money on this item creating them yourselves, we’ll touch on this in another Real Wedding Planner Advice article).

Or you might be the kind of B&G that just wants to create the bags as it is a “gift” genuinely from the two of you. We can appreciate that, and your kindness and sweet gesture is noted. If that is the case, we advise filling them with non-perishables and pre-packing them a few weeks in advance.

Real Planner Advice: Outsource your Gift Bags

Photo: Snap! Photography      Gift Bags: Giftable Designs

Waiting to the last minute will make you feel stressed before your wedding. We (LSE) always shoot for being completely done with all wedding related items 1 solid month before your wedding date to ensure you have some down time before your wedding.
Bridal Fitting LSE
Remember your time is limited before the wedding. You have fittings, finding the perfect accessories, and ensuring your bridal party is on point for you. You will also want to spend a little pre-wedding alone time together without talking “wedding” all the time.
There is nothing better than spending that special time with your friends, family and future spouse!….And there is nothing worse than not doing so.

This is a special time in your life, and proper planning will help slow down the clock so you can ENJOY!

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