Real Wedding Planning Advice: Bridesmaids

Real Wedding Planning Advice: Bridesmaids
Notes from a Real Bride:
Dear Brides, remember this when it comes to your bridesmaids:

Real Bride Advice: Bridesmaids

Photo: Ian Aldrich

Yes, this day is all about you, but if you’re the picky type or the kind that knows exactly what you want and what you’re looking for, you may be the kind that needs the reality check the most. Do not forget that you’ve included people in this day. You’ve ASKED them be a part of your day because it would mean something special to you.

Real Bride Advice: Bridesmaids

Photo: Ian Aldrich

That being said, do not choose bridesmaids out of guilt, pressure, reciprocation OR so the numbers on both the Groom and Bride’s side are even! Choose a bridesmaid because you love them, and you’d love for them to be standing next to you when you say, “I do”. Brides should always be aware of the budget of others when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, accessories, bachelorette parties and so on.

Real Bride Advice: BridesmaidsTake into account that everyone has a life, a schedule, priorities and a different income, or even lack there of. (So even though you envisioned Vegas as your Bachelorette Party destination, it might not be in everyone’s budget range.)

Real Bride Advice: Bridesmaids
I’ve watched relationships dwindle over something as little as a dress. As a bride, the word “overwhelmed” sometimes seems like the understatement of the year, but a reality check is needed once in a while. Your bridesmaids will do what they can, but don’t ask them to do or pay for what they cannot. Keep things reasonable.
Real Bride Advice: Bridesmaids
If you are asking your girls to purchase a pricey dress and shoes to match, make it a dress and shoes they LOVE and can wear again.
Real Bride Advice: Bridesmaids
If you are asking your bridesmaids to take you into the city for a wild and crazy bachelorette party, plan for a limo or a ride home so no one has to drop the extra $300+  on a hotel room.
Real Bride Advice: Bridesmaids
IF the bride and bridesmaids can make it all happen, SO BE IT! Have the time of your life.
Just remember, a relationship should never break down over a wedding, wedding planning, or wedding events.
Real Bride Advice: Bridesmaids
This is a happy time. Keep smiling.
If things go wrong, remember they’ve gone wrong for many people before you and it will be a memory to look back on. Eventually you will laugh about it all!

Article: Jackie Burke-Contributing Writer-Style, Inspiration, & Design
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