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Here’s the latest installment in our Bridesmaid Dresses: “Color” Story……As a recap, (scroll down if you’ve read the “intro” to this article in the past) we’ve included the Pantone Color Guide for new visitors.
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Wedding Style: Bridesmaid Dresses Fall
If you are the type of bride that likes to keep up with the Trends, you’ll already know what the 2013 Pantone Wedding Colors are…. but just in case, we have included them above as a guide and starting off point for planning your Wedding Style & Design. This is the forth segment in our 10 part article devoted to each Pantone color.

Tender Shoots-Color-Bridesmaid Dresses :
Let’s start with a little inspiration. Tender Shoots is a a muted version of what one might call an “Iodine” Green as illustrated in the below piece from Shawn McNulty.  Keeping your accents simplified and muted with this color is a must.

Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses: Tender Shoot Green


Tender Shoots is a challenging color for a bridesmaid dress! But not to worry, if you love this color, we’ve put together a few collages and tips for inspiration for you! Tender Shoots will work best in late summer/early fall as it pairs very nicely with the florals from those seasons.We included a few styles with subtle hue differences.
Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Tender Shoot Green
All are equally appropriate, and when paired with the right accessories can steer the direction of the “look” just the way you want it. Using the piece by McNulty as inspiration, a bride that is not afraid of color could pair Bright Reds, Pinks, and Coral accessories noting it’s compliment to the Tender Shoot Green.

Tender Shoot Green Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration J Crew Jimmy Choo

J.Crew and Jimmy Choo

With either short or long dress length, pairing your florals and accessories with hues of the same Tender Shoot Green and Neutrals is the a great  way to make this choice of Bridesmaid Dress Color work.Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses: Tender Shoot Green

Softer fabrics and neutral shoes with pale colored florals can make this color a striking choice as illustrated below. Note how both examples below have a simple neutral heel as well as accessories in the same hue.
Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses: Tender Shoot Green

We’ve taken a little artistic license with the hue in the above dresses to show how you can play around with the different shades and stretch the limits of this year’s Pantone Tender Shoots Color.
Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses: Tender Shoot Green

Keeping your accesories in pale shades and neutrals helps this bold color choice work. This way your accessories will not compete with the statement you make with your bridesmaid dress color choice.

If you like Tender Shoot, but you aren’t sure about the boldness of the hue, then use it as an accent piece rather than “The” Color in your wedding. Try just using it in florals against a safe Navy or Slate Gray bridesmaid dress.

Tender Shoot Green in Bridal Party Accessories
It really is a pretty color, and when you use it in accents rather than the “focal” point it lends a little romance to the design of your bridesmaids “look”.

Tender Shoot Green Bridesmaid Dress and Neutral Shoes Soft Blush Florals

Choosing a bit of a darker hue, adding soft florals, and neutral shoes keeps the look elegant and romantic as shown in the above collage
Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses: Tender Shoot Green

…Can’t decide which Tender Shoot hue to use for your bridesmaid dresses?
Check out the above Color-blocked Vintage Chiffon Dress below! Again, we would recommend pairing this particular dress with an all white bouquet and an understated heel. It’s a great way to add Style to your wedding. The Design of this vintage dress is so classic, that it actually works in a Contemporary styled wedding as well. Real Wedding Planner Advice:Remember to keep your accessories understated/muted so the focus will still be on you (the Bride!).

Tender Shoot Green Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

J.Crew and Jimmy Choo

Keeping the big picture in mind, if your bridesmaids dresses have alot of “movement” with either fabric, color, or style, you want to keep the accessories simplified or your Bridal Party “look” and photos will look way too busy.

Tender Shoot Green Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration J Crew Jimmy Choo

J.Crew and Jimmy Choo

So remember to keep it simple!

As always, the more eccentric and bold the color, the more edgy and contemporary the look, even when choosing a vintage dress. And with a more lighter (and pale/muted) color choice, the more “romantic” – traditional the look.
Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Tender Shoot Green
Tender Shoot will pair wonderfully with Navy Groomsmen Suits, Slate Gray, Black for the Gents. It also pairs very nicely with Corals and Blush Pink accessories (as illustrated above) as well as with any shade of Purple, and Metallics.

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