You Are Engaged-What’s Next

You Are Engaged! What’s Next?

You're Engaged! What's next

After you have read our 10 Easy Steps to a Happy Engagement (see article here)

Here are the next steps!

#1 Step : Always Remember to Enjoy!!! This goes without saying, but don’t forget to really enjoy it.

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Don’t get rushed into things… just focus on the first few points in our previous article.

Set your boundaries and comfort zones, then start with planning your engagement party and engagement photo session!
Wedding Advice from Friends
Everyone will have advice for you. Friends, family, Maid of Honors, Single and Married friends.
You might start to feel a little bombarded. Try to remember your friends and family are just trying to help.
Unsolicited advice is hard to take, especially when it’s coming at you from every direction!
In most cases, your loved ones don’t realize they are overwhelming you. Here’s where we remind you again… to enjoy your engagement. Live, Laugh, Love.

Engagement Advice: Be Happy


You know what you want! Don’t doubt yourself. Try to remember this throughout your planning process….
Keep your focus… on the 2 of you… and constantly tell yourself …it’s YOUR wedding.  (not to encourage Bride or Groom “zilla” behavior, just when the many “helpful” ideas start overwhelming you, it’s always a good idea to regroup just with the 2 of you.)

Engagemend Advice: Enjoy Yourselves

We’ll say this alot in our articles, and it’s not just about hiring LSE…. Hiring an ethical and experienced wedding planner is a necessity, regardless of your budget. We are an advocate for you, someone to vent to, a scapegoat when you need one, and will help you in every way. We will save you money, help you budget, we negotiate, and keep YOUR design & vision cohesive, and we’ll manage everything for you on your wedding day too!
So if you haven’t hired your planner yet, now is the time……Before you book your first vendor or venue.

Timing is everything. Your big items (venue, etc) will be booked first, so that’s where a wedding planner can save you the most! Okay, there’s our speech. On to your next step! If you hire a wedding planer or not….

Here’s your next job on the list: Engagement Photo Fun!

Enjoy your Engagement!

Photo: Jess Foto

Engagement photos are important. You will never get this time back, so please take our advice and mark the occasion. Engagement photo sessions are not as expensive as one might think. Alot of photographers will throw in the session or discount your wedding photography service if you book with them for your wedding too.
As always, this is where a good wedding planner comes in handy. They will be able to find the best vendor for you, and most importantly someone you will feel comfortable with.

Enjoy your Engagement!

Photo: Jess Foto

Photography is an “intimate” business, so we always recommend you feel comfortable with your photographer. They will get up close and personal.
Don’t stress or be apprehensive about this, it will help “train” you for your wedding day!
For this reason, we recommend hiring a PROFESSIONAL photographer. Not a friend or family member.

You have 1 shot to get your photos right (especially on your wedding day), so ask your wedding planner who they have worked with in the past, and who they recommend for you and your budget.

Where to have your engagement shoot?

You're Engaged! What's Next?

Pick a location that has meaning to you… and to get the most bang for your buck, pick a location that you could use your the photos in another area. Maybe you are sports fans!

Maybe it’s where you had your first date?

You're Engaged! What's Next?

Photo: Jess Foto

Maybe it’s where you got engaged?

Maybe it’s where you envision your destination wedding is going to be held.

You're Engaged! What's Next?


Or maybe, you just like the landscape.

If you are planning on announcing your engagement formally (for example NY Times), then you’ll need to make sure your photographer knows you may need some ultra formal shots during your session.

You're Engaged! What's Next?

As always, your wedding planner will help you with contracts and negotiations when choosing your photographer.

Have fun with it!
You're Engaged! What's Next?

Real Planner Tip: Justify the service by repurposing your engagement images in your Wedding Website, Save the Date, Favors, or Thank you Stationary.

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