Beige-Neutral Wedding-Bridesmaid Dresses

Beige-Neutral Wedding-Bridesmaid Dresses
Style, Inspiration, & Design

Style, Inspiration, and Design Beige Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

If you are the type of bride that likes to keep up with the Trends, you’ll already know that Neutral tones are a romantic choice at any season. Choosing neutrals keeps your wedding style elegant and chic. As there are so many choices in the neutral category, we’ll break neutrals into a few article segments using Beige as a starting point for planning your Wedding Style & Design pieces. This is the first segment in our article devoted to each neutral color “hue”.

Style Inspiration and Design Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

Beige: Keeping you colors all neutral or in one subtle tone allows for the use of texture… so have fun with it!
If you like the mixed bridesmaid dress look, you can use different fabrics and textures, pick neutrals (beige in this case) to achieve the look and to not overwhelm the eye.

Noting the mixed bridesmaid dress trend, one can easily see that the you they are almost always in pale neutrals to keep the look lovely and still simplified. Below is a perfect example of this very bridesmaid style choice.

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige, Neutral, Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

First we’ll focus on Beige to start off our Neutral article……There are many subtle shades of Beige!
To stretch outside the Neutral box a bit, we’ll use the below paintings by Michel Keck as inspiration for our article. Ms. Keck is a contemporary artist and mixed media painter specializing in abstract art.
For more on Ms. Keck’s work, please visit her website at Ms. Keck’s painting captures the versatility of beige and neutrals with either the introduction of soft pastels or bold colors that can be easily paired with a beautiful neutral-beige “canvas”.

tyle, Inspiration, Design Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Beige and Neutrals Michel Keck

Painting: Michel Keck

Beige leans toward brown of course, but as it has such a wonderful neutral base extending towards Champagne, you can really stretch that neutral into many different directions. Going a towards a “gray” tone will give a little more taupe to the feel. Any of which make great “colors”  to use in weddings!

It is so easy to pair complimentary colors with, as well as accent colors. Using it in it’s intended neutral gives a great design base of course, and with lighter airy fabrics can even add a bit of romance to the style of the dress. Choosing a Beige, Ivory, Taupe, or Champagne bridesmaid dress will work in any length and season, adding instant elegance, especially in chiffon. We’ve pushed the envelope a bit with a few different shades to see how far you can go with your wedding style and design. The color combinations are endless with Beige and these neutrals!

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige, Champagne, Neutral, Bridesmaid Dresses

J. Crew Bridesmaid Dress Line

Just looking at a few examples in the J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress line, one can see the versatility of the many shades of Beige for a bridesmaid dress choice, just in fabric alone. Pairing it with navy, blacks, grays, (and browns of course!) in groomsmen’s attire is easy.
We’ll start off slow with base beige neutrals, subtle fabrics, dress design and florals and work up to adding pops of color.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Silk Duponi J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress with Black pumps & Anenome Bouquetl

We created for our first Style, Inspiration, & Design Collage keeping the look traditional in classic beige and black, with the leaning towards the champagne hue of Beige. We paired the clean line of a J.Crew Silk Duponi dress in Champage with a simple black Jimmy Choo heel and added the texture in the beautiful anenome florals. Keeping the fabrics flat, the designs clean, and just using the florals for texture, ties the whole look together.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Grecian Drape with Muted Metallic Strappy Sandal and Blush Bouquet

Style tip: Keep your bridesmaid’s accessories to a minimum if you like  either of these looks. Let the flowers do the talking. Updo’s and simple earrings or a bracelet is all they need. Adding a necklace will distract the eye and add unnecessary movement to the look.

Style Tip: Remember the more movement your dress has, whether it be in fabric or detail, the more you want your shoe and accessories to be simplified so the look of the ensemble is not overwhelming to the eye.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Silk Duponi J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress with Neutral Strappy Sandal & Peach, Coral Bouquet

Love vintage but having trouble sourcing it for your whole bridal party?
Choose a vintage looking fabric like silk duponi and pair it with a muted contemporary heel to keep the look soft and romantic. Using soft petal “feel” florals in the same muted colors for your bridesmaid bouquets keeps the look trendy, romantic, & sophisticated.

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Alexandra Burke

From Brunette to Blonde, Beige & Neutral Colors are gorgeous with everyone’s coloring too. Alexandra Burke is stunning in Beige at the Mobo Awards Nominations Launch,

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige, Neutral, Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Cameron Diaz – Harper’s Bazaar

Think beige will wash out your “blonde” bridesmaids? Think again!
Look how fabulous Cameron Diaz looks in on the cover Harper’s Bazaar Magazine in Calvin Klein.

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Jennifer Lopez

and Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous (as always) in the above fitted Victoria Beckham.

Love the look? but want to bring a little pop of color to it?
We’ve paired the Victoria Beckham peplum dress below with 2-tone Jimmy Choo Red & Gold Strappy Sandals with a red peony bouquet to illustrate how it can be done without overwhelming the ensemble.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Victoria Beckham Peplum with Red & Gold Jimmy Choo Gladiator Strappy Sandal Red Bouquet

Beige and Neutrals are romantic in any style (and fabric) dress you choose. If you love the soft romantic feel and still want to keep it trendy, try adding a contemporary Jimmy Choo Strappy Sandal to give the look a little more edge.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Lace J Crew with T-strap heel and blush bouquet


In the above collage we paired a lovely lace J. Crew Bridesmaid dress with a t-strap Miu Miu strappy sandal and muted florals to mirror the texture in the dress. Keeping the shoe simple allows for the use of more texture in the dress and bouquet without overwhelming the eye.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Color blocked dress with neutral heels
We love this look! Keeping the lines clean and just 2-tones… works this “color-blocked” beige dress beautifully.

To start introducing some color to the look, we bring in another piece of art for inspiration:

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige, Neutral, Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

“Laundry Day” Image by: Cynthia Decker

Using Ms. Decker’s image as inspiration, one can see how effortless and lovely adding soft pastels or bright pops of color to a neutral ensemble – it works easily.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige J.Crew Flutter Neckline Bridesmaid dress with Navy Peeptoe Jimmy Choo and Blush, Light pink bouquet

For a more on the casual look we go back to J.Crew for their Silk Taffeta Blakely dress and pair it simply with a navy suede peep toe from Jimmy Choo and a mixed floral bouquet.

Style Tip: Keep the accessories to just simple earrings and/or  a bracelet for your bridesmaids with a cute “messy bun” for their hair style. This will keep the ensemble from looking too “busy”. Using this collage for example, the Silk Taffeta J.Crew dress has a lot of movement in the neckline, so keeping the accessories simplified allows for the beautiful textured”heavy” bouquet.

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is lovely in her beige mixed fabric design. We love this look! … traditional & contemporary! Choosing a traditionally designed dress & fabric like silk and jersey together with neutral pumps is fabulous.

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dress

If you like the look of mixed fabrics, Bari Jay has a traditional bridesmaid mixing Beige Chiffon & Silk Charmuese. With a traditional tea length, illusion bateau neckline and charmuese trim at the waist and hem keeps the look traditional but adds a bit of a contemporary feel to the dress. Choosing this look for your bridesmaids will give a beautiful backdrop to your wedding style & design.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Grecian Drape with Gladiator Strappy Sandal

Adding a bit more movement in the dress design with draped fabric makes this dress a gorgeous choice along with it being bridesmaid “friendly” for any body type. Adding a Jimmy Choo Strappy Sandal with a Gladiator design adds some edge to your bridesmaid look! 
Style Tip: With the beautiful draped fabric in the dress design and the texture heavy shoe, keep the florals simple for this ensemble to keep the look “clean” and contemporary without being too stylized.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Lace overlay Bridesmaid Dress with Badgley Mischka Strappy Sandal

Love the mixed fabrics but don’t want it to be as formal? Choose a simple dress with a less formal design, but with a beautiful overlay. For the above collage, a simple spaghetti strap and lace overlay is such a cute option for a summer wedding. Add a sparkly Stuart Weitzman strappy sandal with muted bling allows for a little more texture in the bouquet! Keeping your shoe and dress in a similar texture lets them blend subtley together so you can introduce a beautiful pop of color in your bouquet for the summer months.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige Beaded Dress with Gladiator Strappy Sandal (2)

Here’s another look with the mixing of texture in your bridesmaid dress. Using the above beaded overlay in your bridesmaid dress and adding a complimentary metallic Badgley Mischka strappy sandal works beautifully. The design of the beading in the dress is not overdone which allows for texture in the bouquet!  Ask your florist to tie in a little beige mirroring the bridesmaid dress beige to complete the look.

Style, Inspiration, & Design Beige J.Crew V-neck Bridesmaid dress with Miu Miu Strappy Sandal & Mixed Red and Coral Bouquet

Do you like clean, muted, neutrals, but want to bring a little romance to the look? Then this is the look for you!! Choose a lighter hue of beige with a traditional design, simply understated shoes, and leave the pop of color and texture show in your florals to give subtle movement to the look.  Keeping the dress and shoe in similar muted tones, allows for texture in the design in the florals only keeping the look contemporary and traditional at the same time. All pieces of this ensemble work beautifully together while still keeping the look sophisticated, elegant, & on trend.

1950's Vintage Beige Neutral Dress with Neutral Pump and Soft Mixed Florals

Love vintage? Here is a beautiful 1950’s Vintage Beige Dress with a simple Neutral Pump and Soft Mixed Florals

Marc Jacobs Ivory - Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Prada Pump Mixed Florals

Marc Jacobs Dress & Prada Pump

Keep it simple with Marc Jacobs light beige bridesmaid dress and a Prada Pump leaves room to add texture with a beautiful mixed coral bouquet with David Austin Roses.

Simple Linen Neutral Bridesmaid Dress with Neutral Pump and Soft Coral Florals

Lighten it up a bit with a simple Linen dress, same heels and a similar coral bouquet, but with a more “country” feel, and it works just as well.

Simple Linen Neutral Bridesmaid Dress with Neutral Pump, Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow Florals, Summer

Same look with a bright pop of yellow, orange, and fuschia, makes this look perfect for a summer wedding.

Vintage Beige Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Mixed Florals

…..Love Vintage Country? Go a little darker towards a “tea-stained” look Linen dress with a pretty lace collar, a similar colored Jimmy Choo pump with a little texture, and a soft mixed floral bouqet completes the look.

Style Tip: When using Beige/Neutrals, the design of the dress and fabric creates the base “feel” for the ensemble. Keep your dress and accessories in the same muted tones to keep the ensemble simply romantic, or keep the dress simple and have fun with a pop of color in the florals and the design and texture of the shoe!

Going full-circle back to the clean lines of the below peplum dress, we’ve taken the Victoria Beckham dress and paired it with  Brian Atwood  pumps and used the bouquet with the earthy-teal succulents to tie the ensemble together.

Style, Inspiration, Design, Beige Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Neutrals

Change it up and make it the look even more contemporary by adding an edgy Christian Louboutin in a slightly darker hue along with a unique bouquet of bluish-green succulents!

There are so many fabulous options for beige – neutrals, … we could go on forever – what a great base color to choose for your wedding!

Real Planner Advice: Have fun with it! Choosing your bridesmaids’ attire in a combination that speaks to your Style will really start the base off in the design of  “your” wedding!

Next Color Article Segment: More Neutrals Colors to come!
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