Pantone Colors How to Decorate for your Wedding

Pantone Colors How to Decorate for your Wedding and Home
Whether you are a professional designer, or a DIY designer, we all start with our Pantone colors to keep up with the current trends and for inspiration for wedding Style and Design.
Pantone Colors-Weddings-Lisa Sammons Events

Meeting with our clients in their homes, we have noticed something that endears them to us even more… that they all seem to incorporate their wedding colors into their home decor and design.

This really validates what we do as Event designers for our clients. The inspiration always starts with our clients’ style, and we love that our clients want to bring a piece of their home-style into their events – makes it even more comfortable for their guests … whether their wedding be on their property overlooking the ocean under a tent, or a destination in the mountains, or in a fabulous Hotel and Resort.

The reason for our “From the Editor” note is that noting how successful our Pantone Bridesmaid dress inspiration articles have been, we are going to start a series on Home decor with the same template…. so stay tuned!

Pantone Colors-Weddings-Lisa Sammons Events

And we hope we inspire you! Whether you start with your colors before you move in together or if you take your wedding color inspiration from your current home, either way, your style will shine through and make all your guests comfortable and make your event site more intimate for all that attend (including you and your fiance!)

Pantone Colors-Weddings-Lisa Sammons Events

And we don’t want to leave the Gents out of our Pantone Color Inspiration, so look for a story or 2 focused towards men and their wedding style too!

As always, if there is anything you would like to us to write about, feel free to send us a note @ moc.stnevesnommasasilnull@ofni and we will be happy to oblige! We are here to help you in all your planning, before, during, and after your wedding. And most of all, we want you to have fun along the way!


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