Emerald Green Bedroom Ideas

Emerald Green Bedroom Ideas – Inspiration, and Real Designer TipsStyle Inspiration and Design Panatone Colors

Here we go!
Let’s start with the first room that you should decorate when moving into your new home together!
One might think to jump right in and do your home’s shared living space, your “living room” first. But we recommend starting with your bedroom first and then branch out from there.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration

Photo: Annsley Interiors http://www.annsleyinteriors.com/

To get you going, start with our previous article “5 Quick & Easy Steps to Decorating Your Bedroom”  here, it’s a quick read, and will prep you for this article. There are so fabulous examples of bedroom design to inspire you before we start with your individual color preference.

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Starting from the top, let’s go with Emerald First. As a designer, especially when it comes to living spaces, we always suggest you check the Feng Shui rules for room color and what you should and shouldn’t do.

First & Foremost, you’ll want to keep your main colors in the neutral tones in order to bring peace, harmony, and relaxation to your bedroom space. Add your pops of favorite color(s) in your decor accessories, accent pieces, and choochkies. Remember to refer to Feng Shui rules as a guide if you get stuck

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration Annsley Interiors, Style, Inspiration, & Design

Photo: Architectural Digest

If you have read our color articles on Style, Inspiration, & Design’s website before, you’ll know we like to start with a little fine art for Inspiration. For Emerald Green, we are turning to Vincent Van Gogh’s Still Life, Pink Roses; 1890. Created in Auvers, France. Oil on canvas.

Style Inspiration, Design, Home & Lifestyle, Green, Bedroom Decor

Vincent Van Gogh: Still Life, Pink Roses; 1890. Created in Auvers, France. Oil on canvas

It goes without saying that you need to SLEEP in your bedroom. So you don’t want to have super bright colors that keep you awake or reflect a lot of light. This does not mean you have to use all dark colors. And if you are a “color” person, it also doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a pop of bright color in room accessories! However, you will want a nice balance of décor that encourages relaxation.
Sticking to the best Feng shui colors for bedrooms are neutrals starting in shades from white to dark brown. We recommend using these in the base room decor items: Walls, Flooring, Trim, Headboard/Bed, and Window Treatments.

That said, we recommend using Emerald Green in “accent” colors rather than the base.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

Pottery Barn Bedding

Pairing patterned bedding with different fabrics and textures can be challenging. Remember to keep your rug simple, monotone and use accessories with simple lines and similar patterns.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design


When using rich, textured fabrics, keep the accessories simple to keep the look of the design “clean”. Accent items like pillows and bric-à-brac can have rich texture as well, but try to keep the pattern to a minimum so the look isn’t too busy.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

Keeping the bedding in a flat and muted pattern leaves room to add pattern and movement in the accessories. The pair of vintage lamps (above) are updated with contemporary lampshades and the gold accents are mirrored in actual mirrors in an off-set pattern tying the look together simply.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design, House Beautiful, Emerald Green Bedroom

Using Emerald Green in your wall color does not mean you have to be matchy-matchy in your decor! Remember to match the “tone” of the hue in your decor elements. In this House Beautiful bedroom design, the Emerald Green hue is muted as is all the bedding and floor covering. Having the side chair, lamp, and accent pillow in soft, but rich hues and material allows the pop of color easily and works beautifully in the room.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

Love textured fabric and bedding? Pair textured bedding in similar neutral tones. Keep your smaller decor accessories simple with clean lines. In this Style, Inspiration, & Design collage we paired textured Pottery Barn bedding in similar neutral tones, accentuated the look with a simple contemporary “mortar” lamp, and added a beautiful oriental green rug to give a subtle pop of color to the look.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

Photo: House Beautiful, Designer: Bunny Williams

Using a darker hue of Emerald Green anchors the design in the above House Beautiful design. The dark green is reintroduced in the throw and and the framed art above the bed, making it the focal point of the room. This House Beautiful design inspired our collage below!

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

The above Style, Inspiration, & Design collage illustrates how you can introduce more pattern and color in your use of Emerald Green.
Design Tip: Keep the bedding all in one neutral color gives more freedom to introduce complimentary patterns and decor material textures.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

For a more traditionally romantic style of design, turn to textures again, but try adding the decor items in different shades of green, still keeping the secondary focal point of the room (the bed) in flat neutrals. Having the bed “wall” be the primary focal point of the space is an amazing draw for the eye. Keeping the remaining walls and window treatments in neutrals to mirror the bed keeps the look grounded and not overly busy in design.
Design Tip: Remember the “up/down” rule when designing and hanging art on a focal point wall.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

We love this rustic-elegant bedroom design. If you do too, sourcing the emerald green chaise lounge might be a challenge, unless you have it custom made (which would be amazing!) Using this design as inspiration, you can easily change it up a bit to achieve the same feel.

Emerald Bedroom Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

Design Tip: Horchow has gorgeous Vintage reproduction pieces, and you can easily paint a chest of drawers in Emerald Green for a pop of color in the room. Adding a rag rug in complimentary colors gives the look a rustic feel. As always, we recommend keeping the bedding in a neutral for the base of the room and to support Feng Shui bedroom rules 🙂

For more design tips and decorating with color articles check back soon!

Happy Decorating!!

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