Fall-Winter Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration-Pink

Fall-Winter Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration-Pink
Pantone- Viviacious Pink 
Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dress Color Inspiration, Panatone Colors Your Wedding & Decorating Your Home Here’s the latest installment in our Bridesmaid Dresses: “Color” Story……As a recap, (scroll down if you’ve read the “intro” to this article in the past) we’ve included the Pantone Color Guide for new visitors. If you are just visiting for the first time, and you would like to research a different color than the one in the below segment, please see our Archives for our previous Color articles. If you are the type of bride that likes to keep up with the Trends, you’ll already know what the Fall/Winter Pantone Wedding Colors are…. but just in case, we have included them above as a guide and starting off point for planning your Wedding Style & Design. This is a multi-segmented article devoted to each Pantone color.  Are you looking for a little Style, Inspiration, & Design guidance & advice? Then this article is for you! Vivacious: This color falls into the Red- “Pink” category which makes it very easy to pair complimentary pastels or dark base colors with. It’s a wonderful accent color and certainly a statement for any bridesmaid dress color choice for any wedding design. Style, Inspiration Vivacious-Pink Color Swatch

Using Vivacious-Pink for your wedding and bridesmaid dresses, one can see how gorgeous it would be paired with neutrals with similar tones. Or if you like a pop of bright color, it really goes with anything! Pairing it with Grays, Blacks, Browns, Navys and even a beautiful tan, stone, taupe (any neutral!) will work beautifully. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, Lisa Sammons Events Pantone’s Vivacious leans towards a Hot Pink of course, but as it has such a wonderful red base which you can really stretch  into many different directions. Going a little lighter will give  softer, more romantic feel, or pairing it with bright pops of coral keeps your look more contemporary. No matter which colors you pair with Vivacious-Pink, it will be gorgeous. It is so easy to pair complimentary colors with, as well as accent colors. Using it in it’s intended Pantone hue gives a great design base in bridesmaid dresses, or using it just as an accent color in florals is an amazing choice. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Just looking at a few examples in the above Style, Inspiration, & Design collage, one can see the versatility of the many shades of Vivacious-Pink for a bridesmaid dress choice. Pairing it with navy, blacks, and grays, (and even browns!) in groomsmen’s attire is easy. You can even stretch it towards the lighter side of the hue to soften the look and feel of your Style. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, Lisa Sammons Events

We’ve created our first Style, Inspiration, & Design Collage with a lovely Silk Tafetta fitted side-ruffled dress paired with a Jimmy Choo silver strappy sandal. Adding a mixed colored blush pink bouquet with trendy succulents mirrors the texture in the dress. Keeping the color of the florals in soft neutrals is so romantic and elegant!

Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, Lisa Sammons Events

Choosing a Vivacious-Pink bridesmaid dress will work in any length and season, adding instant elegance. We’ve pushed the envelope a bit with a few different shades to see how far you can go with your wedding style and design. The color combinations are endless with Vivacious-Pink! Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, Lisa Sammons Events

Style Tip: Remember the more movement your dress has, whether it be in fabric or detail, the more you want your shoe and accessories to be simplified so the look of the ensemble is not overwhelming to the eye.

Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design

Keeping the bouquet in muted toned soft florals and an understated strappy sandal keeps focal point on the look as a whole. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Style Inspiration and Design Worried about Vivacious-Pink working for all your bridesmaids?  From Blonde to Brunette, Hot Pink is gorgeous with everyone’s coloring too. In the above collage, Blake Lively, Kelly Rowland, and Kristen Davis all pull off wearing Pantone’s Vivacious-Pink just beautifully. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, J.Crew, Jimmy Choo

Vivacious-Pink is such a wonderful statement on it’s own, but if you are not afraid of color and you want even more “pops” in your bridesmaid ensemble, choose a dress with clean, simple lines. Pairing the dress with a soft white peony bouquet allows a little more freedom with the shoe color, but keep the lines clean there as well. Real Wedding Planner Advice: We advise very little accessories with this look. For hair, updo’s and for accessory, only a simple bracelet for your bridesmaids will keep their look clean-lined as well as elegant. The ensemble’s movement is in the color, keeping the fabrics, florals, and accessories very simple in design, makes the look simply elegant and traditional.

Vivacious Pink Bridesmaid ideas Lisa Sammons Events

Bouquet Image: Akiko Photography

Love the Vivacious-Pink but maybe it’s a little too much of a statement in your bridesmaid dresses…..? Try toning it down a bit in a sweet country print paired with the sold Vivacious-Pink in your bridesmaid bouquets. A sweet, lovely, and romantic look for spring or summer. Paired with a light pink or neutral ballet flat is just darling. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, Lisa Sammons Events

Not afraid of pattern or the bright pop of Vivacious-Pink? Choose a fabulous Vintage-styled print dress paired with a similar colored peep-toe. Keep your florals in white and all in one texture to not overwhelm the look. As always, our style tip is to keep the accessories to a minimum with patterned or textured fabric to keep the look pulled together.

Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, Lisa Sammons Events

Or choose a simple, clean-lined fabric and styled dress and add your texture in our shoe! Keeping the dress simple as in the above example, allows for hair to be more relaxed. With the edgy shoe choice, we’d advise keeping the florals all in white as in the previous collage. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, Herve Ledger

In the above collage, we paired a summer dress with beautiful texture, and paired it with a very traditional but feminine Jimmy Choo pump. Adding a muted blush pink floral bouquet keeps the look romantic and summery.

Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Style, Inspiration, & Design, Lisa Sammons Events

More Vintage !!….There are so many vintage looks in Vivacious-Pink, you can really have fun pairing the 1950’s design with a contemporary shoe and bouquet with complimentary colors. Adding the texture of the succulents again along with the mixed florals brings the look current to the present day. Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration, Vintage, Pink, Coral, Red

Love vintage but having trouble sourcing it for your whole bridal party? Choose a vintage looking fabric like silk duponi  or taffeta and pair it with a metallic Jimmy Choo strappy sandal to keep the look soft and romantic. Using soft petal “feel” florals with similar tones and accent color pops in bridesmaid bouquets keeps the look trendy, romantic, & sophisticated.Pink Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Style Inspiration and Design
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Take a lesson from this image of Jennifer Lopez, make sure your make-up is coordinated properly with this Vivacious- hot pink color choice. Defer to your make-up artist to advise you what is best for your coloring along with the hue of the dress. Bring swatches of the dress to your hair and make-up tests! This way you will all look as fabulous and as effortless as Ms. Lopez does! Pantone’s Vivacious-Pink is such a fun-energetic color… have fun with it!
Next Color Article Segment: More Fall & Winter Colors to come!

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