Seafoam Green and Sky Blue-Real Wedding

Seafoam Green and Sky Blue-Real Wedding
by Lisa Sammons Events, Rye, NH

Blue and Green Wedding Inspiration, Lisa Sammons Events
We love these 2 colors, as you can see they are primaries on our Style, Inspiration, & Design Website!
This article is about these 2 colors and how to combine them beautifully! We have a wedding in our portfolio that has this very color combination. We knew our client/Bride had great Style then, and seeing this year’s Spring Pantone Colors made us think about her immediately!

Real Wedding, Blue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events, New Hampshire

These 2 colors are very close to this year’s Pantone Placid Blue & Hemlock-Green, so we thought this might help inspire those of you that are thinking about Blue and Green for your upcoming wedding.
Real Wedding, Blue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events, New Hampshire

Not all of our clients are strictly Brides & Grooms, sometimes we work directly with parents and/or family members. For this wedding, we did just that, and had the pleasure of working with a Mother of the Bride who has a great sense of style and design. We had alot of fun mocking up inspiration boards for this client. We even set up real-life tablescape mock-ups in the MOB’s home to help the decision making process for her daughter’s wedding reception design.
Green and Blue wedding ideas - Lisa Sammons Events

Trendy before she knew it, the inspiration for the wedding from the bride sprang from her childhood bedroom decor colors, and what we named it then, Seafoam Green and Sky Blue, We found some great inspiration color in Seaglass and in nature for examples, as we wanted to nail the Bride’s green down perfectly for her. This Bride’s “green” had a little more yellow in it than the actual “greens” that were out in the event rental/bridesmaid fabric world…so we wanted to get it right for her and give her choices for flexibility when we started sourcing product for her wedding.
Green and Blue wedding ideas - Lisa Sammons Events

During our decision making process with our clients, we generally make inspiration boards to help them decide on clear color choices for their wedding. For this particular client, we started naturally with bridesmaid dress color to start our process and to assist them in narrowing down their colors exactly. The Bride fell in love with a particular style bridesmaid dress in the early stages of planning … which was great! But it did not come in “her” color blue or green…. it only came in navy.
Real Wedding, Blue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events, New Hampshire

Real Wedding, Blue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events, New HampshireBlue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events, New Hampshire
Luckily, these particular clients loved their blue and green in every shade, so they were flexible when choosing bridesmaid dress “color”.  The Groom was leaning towards a sear-sucker suit so we could go in any direction, which was nice.
Blue and Green Wedding Ideas, Lisa Sammons Events

Colors started evolving as they always do in the early stages of wedding planning, and the Bride and MOB decided to go with Navy for the bridesmaids. LSE loves that they chose the navy for the bridesmaids, it really gave the wedding as a whole “anchor” in it’s design.
Blue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events, New Hampshire
LSE really wanted to get some green into the design as a whole still, especially as the particular Seafoam-Green was the Bride’s favorite color, so wanted to nail that down in the design of the wedding right away.
White wedding ideas, Lisa Sammons Events, Green, Blue,

The Bride and Groom (and the MOB :)) knew they wanted an all white canvas as their base color for their reception, so it was very important to get the exact hue of blue and green that they wanted in the reception design as they would be the “accent” colors in the decor. With York Flower Shop on board for the flowers, we knew we could could count on them to be the focal point of the tables and “let the flowers do the talking” where it came to pop of base design and color.

White wedding ideas, Lisa Sammons Events, Green, Blue,

Hydrangeas were (and are) the “family” flower for these clients, which was great! LSE’s event designers knew we could then introduce texture to the design easily and expand into other areas with that texture in the white wedding “canvas” for the reception.
The MOB had so many sweet family touches she wanted to bring to the wedding reception, which we of course were happy to help bring to life for her. In the MOB’s mind, she wanted the linens to be like her grandmother’s…so a beautiful muted white Damask it was….
White wedding ideas, Lisa Sammons Events, Green, Blue,
…..and you know LSE found the damask linen with a muted Hydrangea pattern for a little extra subtle inside detail:)
Up next for another inside family detail were the dinner plates. This MOB wanted her daughter’s wedding dinner to be served on her everyday Wedgewood china….
White wedding ideas, Lisa Sammons Events, Green, Blue,

The China: Wedgewood Nantucket Basket Weave dinner plates….and LSE found those too…in a rental! …believe it or not! (another reason to hire a wedding planner :))
Green, white, blue wedding ideas, Lisa Sammons Events

And the beautiful napkins this MOB purchased were an idea from a dear family friend of their’s that she wanted to subtly note in the reception decor as well. (so thoughtful & sweet)

Blue Charger Rentals Unlimited Lisa Sammons Events
For a little more pop of the Bride’s Blue and Green in the reception, LSE found the perfect sky blue glass chargers in both the sky blue and seafoam green for the place-settings to give the MOB her choice…
Inspiration:Combining Wedding Colors:Green & Blue

And here we have the final design and event! As the wedding was in August, York Flower Shop knew they could source just the right color hydrangeas match the sky blue the Bride and MOB wanted… so we went with the Blue Charger for the tablescape. This choice really tied the florals and the place-settings together nicely.
… now onto the bride ….

Green, white, blue wedding ideas, Lisa Sammons Events

Image: Michelle Turner Photography

This beautiful bride was so easy and sweet, all she wanted was a little blush pink in her bouquet to stand out a little from her bridesmaids. And of course York Flower Shop in Maine delivered exactly what she envisioned. Gorgeous, just the bride’s style, and the textures of the florals paired perfectly with the Bride’s taffeta wedding dress.
Blue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events

Here’s a close up of the groom’s seersucker suit! (Image: Michelle Turner Photography)
The MOB found the perfect tie with her daughter’s “green” for all the groomsmen and the navy in the tie “tied” in with the Bridesmaids’ Navy dresses.
Blue and Green wedding Lisa Sammons Events

Remember, if you like green, and you just want it to pop a little bit in your wedding decor… you can simply just have “greens” left on your florals, or introduced in actual greenery. York Flower Shop included green hydrangea in the centerpieces and the ceremony aisle baskets which paired beautifully with the decor.
Navy Blue and Green Wedding Ideas, Real Wedding Planner, Lisa Sammons

The flower girls had the cutest dresses with navy sashes to literally “tie” in the navy to the ceremony and wedding design.

Real Wedding, Blue and Green Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events, New Hampshire

For favors on the tables, this trendy bride and groom wanted to give a donation to Best Friends and we asked Maine-ly New Hampshire create the favor “card” which a photo of the Bride and Groom from their engagement photo session with Michelle Turner. Not only was this favor a thoughtful and trendy idea, it also gave each guest a nice keepsake from the wedding. It also gave us a way to bring the Bride & Groom’s little dog into to the wedding.

Green and Blue Wedding Lisa Sammons Events

Image: Michele Turner

This sweet Bride & Groom really wanted their dog to attend the wedding, but due to the destination aspect of the wedding, and the travel involved they had to leave him with friends in their home state of Utah.
Wedding Cake - Blue, Green, Seaside Wedding - Lisa Sammons Events

The wedding cake baker was Let Them Eat Cake, and Gayle Forte creatively added this little pup to the wedding cake, as well as noting all the from the “Mountains to the Seashore” in the cake design.

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This is just a small example of our process with our clients, and how we help them whittle down their many wedding choices before their wedding day and help them to incorporate all of their special notes and wants into their day cohesively.

Green and Blue Wedding Lisa Sammons Events

Image: Michelle Turner

As we close this article, it should be noted, this lovely client (MOB) was a savvy host, with so many thoughtful details for her daughter’s wedding and this wonderful MOB left no detail behind in her planning process.
Blue, Green, Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events

LSE coordinated & planned many details for this particular wedding, so we’ll be writing about it again! We hope you enjoyed this article! We are happy to share more with you please feel free to contact us at any time for more info.

And if you would like to see more of this wedding and Michelle Turner’s Photography work please visit her site here.

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