Client Access Made Easy: Connect & Collaborating with Lisa Sammons Events: Advertising will give you more exposure

Client Access Made Easy

Collaborating with Lisa Sammons Events will help increase your business’ exposure.

Q2 ~ Here’s what’s new & what we have been up to….at Lisa Sammons Events !
In the last quarter of 2013 we successfully launched
Since the launch, we have received some great questions about our website and Lisa Sammons Events’ new business division, so we thought it was time for an update!
We created a quick FAQ section below for those who want to keep in contact too.
First and foremost, we are still in the event planning business!

If you have a summer party, wedding, or corporate function coming up, please let us know, we’d love to help you. As always, feel free to contact us at any time. 
We hope you send us what you have been up to as well.
We want to keep in touch with you and we’d love to hear what you have been up to!

You’ve asked… here they are….FAQ’s !

What is the new web business division & why did we decide to create it?
LSE created the website with the sole purpose of helping people…specifically Engaged Couples & Local Businesses. You know the way we do business…we love helping people, & connecting our clients with reputable businesses…and we would really like to help connect YOUR business too!

Understanding from experience, we know starting and maintaining a small business is challenging and advertising is sometimes a costly decision. This experience is what gave us the idea for this site to help small businesses have an affordable and viable way to get in front of our valued client base and newly engaged couples. 

Additionally, in keeping with our commitment to protect our clients’ privacy and contact information, this gave us the idea to start the site as a way for our clients to connect with businesses that we recommend, without sharing client contact information directly.

As LSE receives daily inquiries from people asking for our contacts and client database, we thought, “How can we connect clients & businesses securely and exclusively with our personal referral and recommendation without actually sharing personal client contact info?” And this is how the concept started… Via our Editor’s Page Blog and click-through ads, we are able to personally refer, recommend, and connect our trusted colleagues with our clients! Our website is a secure vehicle for our clients to connect easily with local businesses privately and exclusively. And it’s not just about wedding-related businesses! 

It’s not a stretch to say that Engaged Couples build new homes, buy new vehicles, take vacations, shop, and go out for dinner on a regular basis, so even if you aren’t in the actual “wedding business” this is a great way to connect with this highly coveted demographic!

How does the website help Engaged Couples?
We created the site to help Engaged Couples have a place to find great venues, vendors & businesses through click-through ads and our personal recommendations via our Editor’s Page. Newly engaged couples are looking for the very best and reliable vendors, venues, & businesses for their wedding related events, places to shop, and services to assist them in their married life after their wedding.
An advertising incentive with LSE’s StyleInspiration&Design website from your business can sway them in your direction .
Our goal is to assist our clients in discovering your business by assisting them in experiencing all that you have to offer them. Exposing clients to your clickable ad upon their initial visit to the LSE site is the perfect way to position your business on the front lines with newly engaged couples.

How do clients find us?
Engaged couples search the internet HOURLY to find wedding ideas & wedding planning advice. LSE’s Real Planner Advice & Wedding Inspiration articles (content) drives the SEO. We track the site visits daily via GoogleAnalytics. Our initials results have been great just in the first few months since we launched.

Lisa Sammons Events, National Site Visits, Google Analytics,
With this foundation built, we can show you real value in advertising on the site!

Here’s what you get with an ad package:

  • Ad placement
  • Story/Review of your Business. We post photos for you and then write about you and/or any area you would like us to would like us to focus your article on. We can even imbed any videos you might have into the site article!
  • Click-through Ad links directly to your business’ website
  • Social media push – twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, etc
  • Click through listing on LSE’s Certified Vendor Catalog page that links directly to your businesses website, and generates an instant email to you when our clients want to reach you.
  • Lisa Sammons Events Certified Vendor Badge to use on your website, email auto-signature, or anywhere you would like.

Here’s are examples of some “From the Editor” referral articles we have written to promote a few of our business colleagues.
One Hundred Club
Bournival Group

This email campaign marks the start of phase 2 of our business plan and we are happy to be able to lower the monthly ad rate considerably. We are very grateful to have our anchor advertisers in place from the first phase of our campaign that was based on strategic ad placement. Phase 1 enabled us to help small businesses even more by lowering the monthly ad fee and still include our usual yearly discount as well. This is really about creating a business & networking community on one site as well, and with the support of the anchor advertisers, we have a wonderful start.

Phase 2 ads are now being sold by a “first come first placed” basis, so we encourage you to act quickly if you want to be involved. The later you act, the further down on the page your ad will be. We’ve included a link to our media kit here as which includes the monthly fee along with our “buy 1 year’s advertising at the cost of 11 months (1 month free!) special”.
When you have a moment, check out our DAILY reach via Google Analytics (below link), it’s not just local…. It’s national….and international!
Here are our Google Analytics Reporting Statistics from today: 4-14-14 Google Analytics Site Visits- LSE

We hope that our favorite business partners will see the profound value in advertising with LSE, as we provide the opportunity for you to promote YOUR business to our valued client base. This marketing opportunity is especially valuable to those small businesses that do not have the time or funds to have a website of their own. You can use the link to your review page as a point of reference tool with potential clients as simple and user friendly link in emails to clients!

On behalf of LSE, we invite you to participate in this unique marketing opportunity to showcase your business to our exclusive client list in the upcoming year and future successful years together.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Sammons
Owner/Principal Planner & Lead Designer
Lisa Sammons Events