How to plan your Elopement in 10 easy steps

How to plan your Elopement in 10 easy steps
~Real Wedding Planner Advice from Lisa Sammons Events
….You and your fiance have decided to elope, but you’re not sure where to start….here’s our Real Wedding Planner Advice & a quick Top 10 list for you!
how to plan your elopement in 10 easy steps

and Hooray! You are getting married! Eloping is so romantic!
And can be just as fabulous as a big wedding day.
how to plan your elopement

Real Wedding Planner Advice: #1 – Hire a wedding planner, especially for an elopement. 
We aren’t just trying to drum up business by giving you this advice….here’s why!
how does hiring a wedding planner save you money

#1. Hire a Wedding Planner: As romantic as eloping is, it’s not like the movies…. Unless of course you are in Las Vegas and you walk into to one of those little themed chapels… which is super fun… but you still need to plan even just the trip to Vegas, what you are going to wear, travel plans, etc. Hiring a wedding planner will save you time & money!
The really BIG reason to hire a wedding planner for your elopement is planning time. Most weddings take 12-18 months to plan… elopements are generally planned in a shorter window of time, and you need a wedding planner to make things happen for you quickly if you are planning to elope in a few weeks or months.
decide on your wedding day

#2. Decide when you want to elope, and try to be flexible with your dates. Eloping is fun, spontaneous, and certainly romantic, but remember that schedules are full and queues for “wedding” related items are constantly in play for previously booked and planned weddings throughout the year, so you do have to do a little pre-wedding planning.
How to decide on your wedding date
 and Think about what kind of window of time you can put aside for your Elopement. Ask yourself, “Do I need the day to get ready before I go to City Hall or before we meet our JP on the beach for our ceremony”? Do we want to have dinner afterwards? Do we want to stay overnight in a hotel after our romantic wedding dinner for 2? Do we want to make a long weekend out of it to mark the memory in time?
how to plan your elopement in 10 easy steps, real wedding planner advice

#3. Decide where you want to get married: Do you have enough time and money in the elopement budget to jump on a plane to a romantic beach-y location? or Does it work just as well to travel via car and take a long weekend locally?  Now you can start to make your travel plans: If you will be eloping to a destination, then you will need to make travel plans. Your wedding planner can help with these!

What to wear when you Elope – LSE Certified Vendor & Advertiser

#4. What will you wear? Some eloping brides love to keep it simple, but some still want the traditional dress which is wonderful!

what to wear when you elope


Keep in mind, you need time to find “the” dress, and allow time for ordering and fittings, especially for a more formal wedding dress. If you are planning on wearing a traditional wedding dress, you might want to make sure your fiance’ is on the same page with you too…

J. Hilburn, Lisa Sammons Events

Purchasing a Custom Suit for your Groom is something you will want to do so your styles coordinate on your wedding day.

how to plan your elopement


#5. Will you need transportation? If you are eloping, there is nothing worse than having to get into your regular old car with your wedding dress. Hire a car for the day, even if it’s just a town car service. It makes sense. Having a car service pick you up will set the tone for your day, even when eloping!
How to plan your elopement

#6. Flowers! Yes. You need a bouquet at least, and you might as well have a little centerpiece on your wedding dinner table! If you are staging a ceremony at a special destination, you could certainly incorporate wedding flowers into the design – even for elopements!

Style Inspiration & Design Engagement Wedding Photographer Advice


#7. Hire a Photographer – definitely. Even though it’s “just the 2 of you” … you will want to mark the occasion. And even if you are including your 2 very best friends to stand up for you… they will be guests and/or doing their Maid of Honor/Best Man jobs for you.
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Hiring a Photographer for an Elopement is a MUST!
how to plany your elopement in 10 easy steps a

#8. Now you are ready to think about your budget! Think about how much you both have in mind to spend on your Elopement. Even though you are eloping, it is still an expense. Many engaged couples think it’s just like the movies… you get in your car and show up at a JP’s house or City Hall. Unfortunately, that is just in the movies. You still need the basic items for your wedding. (Your wedding planner can help you with all of this, and save you money along the way).
Style Inspiration and Design Marriage License Requirements

#9. Apply for your Marriage License. You still need to apply for your marriage license, and some states have a waiting period for that. Here’s the link for our article on “How to prepare for your Marriage license” for more info. And while we are talking about the legal aspect of getting married, don’t forget your pre-nup if you need one. It’s called a “pre”-nup (pre-nuptial agreement) for a reason… “pre” nuptials… so if you require one, make sure you allot some time for meetings with lawyers and document preparation while you are deciding on your wedding date.
Style Inspiration & Design Marriage License Advice
#10. Don’t forget the rings! You will want to visit a jeweler that can handle a quick turn around time for your rings. Explain your window of time to them and see if they can put a rush on the order & sizing. If you have your heart set on a particular set of wedding rings, and the jeweler can’t deliver, do a little research before you buy to see if your rings are in stock. Or… you can purchase a simple set of rings just for the day if you don’t have a tight budget. That way you don’t have to stress about whether your rings will be in on time for your wedding day.

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