Teal Room Ideas-Decorating Your New Home Together

Teal Room Ideas-Decorating Your New Home Together
If you have read our previous Color articles on Wedding Colors and Decorating your new Home Together –Welcome Back! We’ve included the 5 Easy Steps to Decorating your Home here in case you are just visiting our site for the first time with our Decorating with Teal article. If this is your first visit to Style, Inspiration, & Design ….Welcome!

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Photo: Houzz, Pinterest

If you are looking for more thank just Bedroom decor ideas, hang tight! We have Teal Living Room Decor ideas further down the page in the article.

Teal Bedroom Ideas

Image: Country Living

First & Foremost, you’ll want to keep your main colors in the neutral tones in order to bring peace, harmony, and relaxation to your bedroom space. Add your pops of favorite color(s) in your decor accessories, accent pieces, and chotchkies. Remember to refer to Feng Shui rules for room color and what you should and shouldn’t do. It’s a very helpful guide to get your bearings if you get stuck in your decorating process.

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To get you going, start with our previous article “5 Quick & Easy Steps to Decorating Your Bedroom“  here, it’s a quick read, and will prep you for this article. There are some fabulous examples of bedroom design to inspire you before we start with your individual color preference.
Teal color choices - Lisa Sammons Events

It goes without saying that you need to SLEEP in your bedroom. So you don’t want to have super bright colors that keep you awake or reflect a lot of light. This does not mean you have to use all dark colors. And if you are a “color” person, it also does not mean you can’t introduce a pop of bright color in room accessories!
Teal Bedroom Ideas

However, you will want a nice balance of décor that encourages relaxation & rest.

Teal Bedroom Ideas

If you like Teal, but aren’t sure how to use it, try using as the focal point in your room to draw the eye in in one wall in your room. Then add a few teal accessories to tie the room design together, still keeping your base decor items in neutrals staying with the Feng Shui principles.

Teal Bedroom Ideas Lisa Sammons Events1

Using teal as accents in your bedroom allows for the recommended amount of base neutrals still in the design ensuring it is a restful space for you both!

teal bedroom ideas 5
Teal is such a cheerful and welcoming color, it works great in guest bedrooms as well. Using teal again as an accent, keep the majority of the bedding and wall covering in neutrals allows for the addition of pattern in the teal accent fabrics.Teal Living Room Ideas Lisa Sammons Events2 (9)

On to Teal Living Rooms Decor! Using the same principles that we recommend with bedroom decor, start with base neutrals and build your teal into the room using accent pieces.
Teal Living Room Ideas Lisa Sammons Events
If you really love Teal, but aren’t sure how to make it work in your room design, we recommend using it in one large statement piece first and then branch out from there.
Teal Living Room Ideas

Love teal but worried it will be “too much” for your new spouse?
Tone it down a bit and try using a different shade of teal to soften the look, and slowly introduce it in the room design.

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If you like the darker teal hue, but feel like it might be too much in a large statement piece, try using it is the smaller accent decor items like pillows and if you can bring teal into your room with your wall art as well, it will tie the whole room together nicely without looking like an after thought.

Teal Living Room ideas

Teal works beautifully for seaside homes – look how this designer used the water as an accessory to the room, balancing the room with several shades of teal to mirror the color of the fabulous sea view. This look is created using the same principle as a teal accent wall, but using the actual “seaside” as the “wall”.

Teal Living Room Ideas, Lisa Sammons Events2 (8)

If you are joining your 2 homes together to make one and repurposing your existing furniture – adding teal is a wonderful way to  to update your look and bridge your 2 styles together. Use your repurposed neutral items in the base room decor items: Sofa, Rugs, Tables, and Window Treatments. Then use the teal as your new “shared” color.

Teal Living Room Ideas

Love texture and patterns in room designs? Pairing different patterned fabrics and textures can be challenging, but you can do it! Remember to keep your rug in simple, neutral tones and use accessories with simple lines and similar patterns. When using rich, textured fabrics, keep the accessories simple to keep the look of the design “clean”. Accent items like pillows and bric-à-brac can have rich texture as well, but try to keep the pattern to a minimum so the look isn’t too busy. Using the above image as example, the rich texture in this rooms fabrics does not make the room look “busy” as the designer kept the room “chotchkies” to a minimum. This also allows for the fabulous Teal pop of color in the all-over wall color. It automatically draws your eye into the room!

Teal Living Room ideas

Love color and pattern but afraid to combine the two? Keeping additional furniture pieces like this fab wing chair in a similar pattern as the rug material in the above image allows for the addition of the texture in the fabrics. As you can see this designer chose the chotchkies in the same color as the table they were placed upon to keep the room decor from looking too busy. This still keeps the look unencumbered as the floor covering and side chair act as an anchor to the design of the room.
Teal Walls in Living Room

Remember that molding (as in the above image) acts another element  … even as an “accessory” in the design. Continuing the Teal into the molding as in the above keeps this room for looking overdone. This decision also allows for the addition of patterned fabric and “shapes” in the accent decor and side chair color.

Teal living Room - Country Living - Lisa Sammons Events

Image: Country Living

Love neutrals but love color too? Using neutrals as your base color in your room design does not mean you can’t use bright colors too! When in doubt, Keep it simple! Try using white as you start out on your decorating journey, you’ll feel like you are taking less of a risk…Try using Teal as your Pop of Color in the sofa and mirror that same hue in your rug to give an “anchor” to the room design.

teal living room idea

All the same rules apply… so Let’s critique this fabulous room design based on what we already know from our previous Home & Lifestyle articles.

When starting out – decorating for the first time… start with these 4 simple steps:

1. Keep the base colors flat. (no texture or print)
2. When using many different textures and fabrics together in several different pieces, choose muted, soft fabrics.
3. Keep your “pop” of color in accessories
4. Draw the eye into the room with 1 beautiful focal point pieces. In this example, the gorgeous armoire.

Don’t be afraid to introduce other colors to the room either!

teal living room ideas 1

In this living room, it’s easy to see how the neutral colors are used as a base element in the decor in the wall color, soft furnishings, and woodwork. Note how the designer kept the base and the surrounding decor items in the same neutrals as we mention throughout this article. By adding accessories in the same neutral color (hue) palette from those of the base decor items, it still keeps the look very clean and inviting.
Teal decorating ideas - Lisa Sammons Events

Circling back to our paint swatches from the beginning of the article. One can see how easy it is to add any shade of Teal to your room decor with different fabrics and pattern subtly when you keep to the similar hues.  You don’t have to be matchy-matchy in your decor!

Teal Living Room Ideas, Pale Pink and White

Photo: Houzz, Pinterest

We hope that using the design principles and examples in our “How to” design articles and you will see how easy it is to add a pop of color and texture in accessories…drapes, pillows, and art.

You can do it!  Let us know how you do with your room design… send us your before and after images and we’ll post it for everyone to

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Furniture source for this article’s Style, Inspiration, & Design’s collages are from Allen Wayside Furniture! You can visit them here and of course in their many locations in Maine & New Hampshire.
We’ll be writing about Allen Wayside Furniture on our From the Editor Page too, so please check back soon!

Happy Decorating!! 

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