Vanish Laser Studio-Personalized Beauty Treatment

Vanish Laser Studio-Personalized Beauty Treatment
How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding
Recently Engaged! Congratulations!! Now… onto Bridal Beauty!!
Just with our recent article about Bridal Fitness, it’s time to start your Bridal Beautification Process!

How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding Vanish Laser Studio offers customized laser treatments in the most private location in Portsmouth NH.
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Start your Hair & Skin Treatments as soon as you get engaged.How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding

We recently met with owner & licensed ARNP (advanced registered nurse practitioner) Julia Heinlein to get the very best information for this go-to article. When you meet Julia, you will instantly be put at ease. Her manner is very sweet and obliging, soft-spoken and thoughtful. And she is very well informed on all things “Laser”…

How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding

The fully licensed Vanish Laser Studio, and Ms. Heinlein will help you maintain your personal confidence by achieving the results you want, safely, comfortably, and privately with their customized laser services.
How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding

Real Wedding Planner Advice: The most important piece to remember is to “plan” your beauty treatments before your wedding!! 
How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding

Here’s how it works: After your initial consultation, you will have your first treatment, then there is a 4-6 week waiting period in between treatments to let your skin revitalize itself. Depending on the treatment you chose, you may need 1-2 sessions for small areas, or up to 4 sessions for larger areas. Since every client’s individual needs are unique, Vanish Laser Studio offers a free consultation to help develop the plan that suits your individual goals before any treatments are scheduled and performed.
How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding

Hair removal is just one of the treatments they provide which of course is what most clients use Laser Studios for these days…. It doesn’t matter what season your wedding day is in, you will want to take care of yourself before your wedding, (and ahem) your wedding night.

Bridal Health and Fitness,Wendy Fillmore, Personal Trainer

Everyone can benefit from laser hair services! (not just the ladies) ….And we haven’t even started to talk about your honeymoon (wink-wink) but we know no matter what you plan is for your honeymoon destination, you will want to look amazing, especially if you are wearing a bikini!
Vanish Laser Studio, Lisa Sammons Events

Vanish Laser Studio offers laser hair removal services using the latest in laser technology, but that’s not all! They also offer:
Sun Damage Treatments (Sun Spots/Age Spots) – For Brides, Mother of the Brides & Grooms, Bridesmaids, or anyone that needs to a little help with Sun Damage on Hands, Face, and Decolletage. As you are just recently engaged, next up is your engagement photo session…and we know you want to look your best for your photos. Real Wedding Planner Advice: Schedule your free consultation sooner rather than later.
Bridal Health and Fitness, Wendy Fillmore Personal Trainer

If you have started your Bridal Fitness Regime and have lost those pesky 10 lbs you wanted to before your wedding, you might want to have a little Skin Tightening Procedure…
How to beautify yoursefl before a wedding

Are you an MOB or MOG (or bridesmaid!) that wants to (or has to!) wear a shorter dress to the wedding?
Vanish Laser Studio also offers Spider Vein Treatments as well!
Everyone wants gorgeous looking legs and the freedom of wearing a shorter hem-lined dress, especially in the spring and summer months.
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During our meeting, Ms. Heinlein noted that a good percentage of her client base are golfers and sailors. The amount of sun exposure one would expect with just those 2 sports, no matter how strong the SPF is something to think about. Vanish Laser Studio has large contingent of men for the Sun Damage Treatments… so if your Groom, FOB, or FOG needs a little nudging, know that they can get this treatment done comfortably and privately.

Vanish Laser Studio has 2 lines of product that they support as well. Both are small businesses, Sustainable Shanti, a wonderfully handcrafted organic skin care line…

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And the second is Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals, an herbal blend of essential oils made especially for Vanish Laser Studio.

How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding14 (1024x904)

Vanish Laser Studio’s custom-made Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals’ blended essential oil is used to calm the skin, and acts as a homeopathic analgesic. The thoughtfully blended scents help relax and sooth you with aromatherapy. Vanish Laser Studio carries both of these wonderful made local products at their location so you can stock up on supplies while you are there for your treatment!

How to beautify yoursefl before your wedding

Real Planner Advice: Laser treatments are a fantastic way to inspire personal confidence on your wedding day, honeymoon, and every day life.
Remember to start your Bridal Beautification plan as soon as you get engaged. You’ll need a few months to go through the process correctly, so you’ll want to plan your time accordingly so you don’t have to rush your treatments. If  you start with your consultation right after you get engaged, you will be right on target for your wedding day!

To schedule your free consultation with Vanish Laser Studio, they can be reached via phone or email. We’ve listed their contact information on the LSE Vendor Catalog page and with all the above fabulous local botanical products, attention to client comfort and privacy, and commitment to customer service, we absolutely include Julia Heinlein and Vanish Laser Studio as part of Lisa Sammons Events Certified Vendors!

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