Aluminum-Gray Bridesmaid Dresses-Part I

Aluminum-Gray Bridesmaid Dresses-Part I
Fall & Winter Wedding Colors:Bridesmaid Dresses with Bouquets & Shoes: Part I
Here’s the latest installment in our Bridesmaid Dresses: “Color” Story……We’re splitting this new Wedding-Style article into 2 segments, for each Fall & Winter Wedding Color. The first segment will be about bridesmaid dress style, and the second will include looks for groomsmen too!
As a recap, (scroll down if you’ve read the “intro” to this article in the past) we’ve included the Pantone Color Guide for new visitors. If you are just visiting for the first time, and you would like to research a different color than the one in the below segment, please see our Archives for our previous Color articles.Fall & Winter Wedding Colors:Bridesmaid Dresses:Bouquets:Shoes:Grooms

If you are the type of bride that likes to keep up with the Trends, you’ll already know what the Fall/Winter Pantone Wedding Colors are…. but just in case, we have included them above as a guide and starting off point for planning your Wedding Style & Design. This is a multi-segmented article devoted to each Pantone color.  Are you looking for a little Style, Inspiration, & Design guidance & advice? Then this article is for you!
Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

There are many subtle shades of Aluminum(Gray)! Aluminum-Gray falls into the neutral category which makes it very easy to pair pastel or bright colors with. Using the lighter Gray (Pantone-Aluminum) in bridesmaid dresses, one can see how gorgeous it would be paired with neutrals with similar tones. Or if you like a pop of bright color, it really goes with anything! It’s a wonderful base for any wedding design, and looks great on everyone!

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

Starting off with an ultra-traditional look with the soft-gray-aluminum ModCloth dress, we paired this slightly bling-y dress with a Jimmy Choo Strappy Sandals. The little bit of bling in the Jimmy Choo’s pick up the sparkly belt in the bridesmaid dress and offsets the lace in the bodice nicely. Just a simple soft pale pink and white bridesmaid bouquet in roses completes the look.
Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

Real Wedding Planner Advice: Be a savvy and thoughtful bride when choosing your bridesmaid dresses for your girls. If you wish them to wear Jimmy Choo strappy sandals, that of course could be a financial stretch for some. So… be thoughtful with your bridesmaid dress choice. Check out,, and J.Crew for bridesmaid dress options. They have fantastic sales and styles from traditional to unique in bridesmaid dresses!

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

We’ve linked a few of the collages throughout this article with dresses to show you how you and your bridesmaids can save $$ with choosing unique bridesmaid dresses. A quick plug about &, even though our site receives a small commission for sales purchased through the LSE site, but the reason we took them on as advertisers is because we believe in ModCloth & Zuilly products and wanted to give our site visitors quick links and recommendations just like we do for our “in-person” wedding clients!

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum


Pantone Aluminum Gray of course a lovely light elegant gray, but as it has such a wonderful neutral base, you can really stretch that neutral into many different directions. Going a little lighter will give  softer, more romantic feel, or pairing it with a bright pops of color keeps your look more contemporary.

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

No matter which colors you pair with this wonderful neutral, it will be gorgeous. It is so easy to pair complimentary colors with, as well as accent colors. Using it in it’s intended neutral gives a great design base of course, and with lighter airy fabrics can even add a bit of romance to the style of your bridesmaid dress choice. Choosing a Light Gray bridesmaid dress will work in any length and season, adding instant elegance, especially in chiffon and silk taffeta.

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum


We’ve pushed the envelope a bit with a few different shades in our Style,Inspiration,& Design boards to illustrate just how far you can go with your wedding style and design. The color combinations are endless with Aluminum – Gray!

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum paired with Bouquets & Shoes, Real Wedding Planner Advice by Lisa Sammons Events


Choosing any shade of gray has one naturally lean toward metallics as accents. Silver-metallics are the natural choice of course for accessories, but don’t rule out all metallics! Real Wedding Planner Advice: Golds, Coppers, Bronze, and anything sparkly or blingy works. We have changed up the previous Style, Inspiration, & Design board by adding a muted gold Badgley Mischka strappy sandal to illustrate how beautiful how this can easily work.Gray Groomsmen Ideas

Just looking at a few examples in the above Style, Inspiration, & Design collage, one can see the versatility of the many shades of Gray for groomsmen suits too! Pairing it with navy, blacks, and grays, (and tans!) in groomsmen’s attire is easy.

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

For this Style, Inspiration, & Design board we paired a lovely light gray silk embroidered Bridesmaid Dress paired with a simple Jimmy Choo black pump. Adding a hot pink peony bridesmaid bouquet makes the this bridesmaid look contemporary with the contrast of the bright pink and the halter-top dress design. Keeping the bridesmaid bouquet in 1 overall color and flower does not distract from the beautiful bridesmaid dress and keeps the ensemble from looking overdone.

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

Country-Rustic-Vintage – look at this cute dress from – adorable! We’ve paired it with a lovely yellow and white bouquet and rustic cowboy boots with mustard gold (Pantone-Misted Yellow) hues to anchor the look.

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum

Choosing country-rustic doesn’t mean it all has to be gingham and casual. Choose a beaded dress with a simple cut of design and pair it with rustic cowboy boots for your bridesmaid giving the look just the right amount of contrast. Real Wedding Planner Advice: Remember to keep your florals simple and in 1 texture with this look so it doesn’t compete with the detail in the bridesmaid dress and cowboy boots.

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses - Pantone Aluminum


One of our favorite dresses !! Love this pretty gray-bridesmaid dress in Pantone Aluminum-Gray! It’s okay to choose a bridesmaid dress in a pattern, be different! It will not distract the focal point away from you… but remember!
Real Wedding Planner Style Advice: Keep your shoe simple, especially if you choose at little texture and bright colors for your bridesmaid bouquets.

Gray-Bridesmaid Dresses -, Modcloth Pantone Aluminum

Any of these cute dresses are fabulous choices for bridesmaid dresses. We’ve included a contemporary black and white patterned dress in this bridesmaid dress collage (left)… If your color choice is gray for your wedding, don’t discount introducing black and white into your wedding Style & Design. Step back from it for a minute… and see how it looks “gray” as a whole… it will work… especially if your style is unique and contemporary.

Country-Rustic bridesmaid accessories - shoes - Lisa Sammons Events

For contrast, it would even work with a pair of cowboy boots, or to downplay it add a cute pair of black flats!

Bridesmaid: Style, Inspiration, Design, Turbulence, Gray, Bridesmaid Dress Ideas, J.Crew

J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress Line in Pantone Turbulence vs.Grays

If you liked this article on light gray-aluminum gray bridesmaid dresses – feel free to check out our previous Gray Bridesmaid Article in our archives here.

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