First things to do when you get Engaged

Congratulations on your Engagement!!!
First things to do when you get Engaged: Real Wedding Planner Advice in 10 Easy Steps.

Congratulations on your engagement

First things to do when you get engaged….. is to first & foremost….ENJOY!! your engagement….

You're Engaged!

#1: First and foremost, enjoy each other and this special time together.

Which Season will you get married in?

#2: Begin to think about a “window” of time for your wedding date. Start with the time of year: Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Be as flexible as you can with your dates (we’ll get to this piece in our “How to pick your wedding date” article …coming soon!).


Don't wait on your guest list !
#3: Create your guest list with addresses. (see our previous article here)
Do it now. Do not wait! …. you will thank us later! 

Color Palette#4: Start to think about your wedding colors.

What is your wedding style?#5: Decide what your wedding style is…Is it Traditional, Contemporary, Elegant, or Casual?
Wedding Themes

#6 Start thinking about your wedding look or theme. For example: Is it Simply Traditional, Nautical, Seaside, or Country-style?

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#7: Get a good idea of your budget and who will be financing your wedding. Will you pay for it yourselves? Or will your families contribute? Be sure to visit our Budget Planner Page here (or click on the image above) and please use it with our compliments!
All your information is secure, and you can log in at anytime to work on your saved budget.

8: Hire a wedding planner! Hiring an experienced and professional wedding planner will save you money, it is not an extra expense. An experienced and ethical wedding planner WILL save you money. A lot of money. We can’t say that enough!
Ceremony Locations#9: After all of the above, then start thinking about where you want your ceremony and your reception.
Cherish your Engagement time

#10: Enjoy the process of planning, it’s a special time to be cherished…. have fun with it!!!

#11 – Hey wait! I know we said ‘Ten steps” …. But there’s an eleven!!….

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Article: Lisa Sammons/Owner-Principle Planner & Lead Designer/Lisa Sammons Events

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