Fall and Winter Bridesmaid Dress Ideas-Mauve

Fall and Winter Bridesmaid Dress Ideas-Mauve and Blush
Here’s the latest installment in our Bridesmaid Dresses: “Color” Story……As a recap, (scroll down if you’ve read the “intro” to this article in the past) we’ve included the Pantone Color Guide for new visitors. If you are just visiting for the first time, and you would like to research a different color than the one in the below segment, please see our Archives for more Color articles.Mauve Mist Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by Lisa Sammons EventsIf you are the type of bride that likes to keep up with the Trends, you’ll already know what the 2014 Fall Pantone Wedding Colors are…. but just in case, we have included them above as a guide and starting off point for planning your Wedding Style & Design. Are you looking for a little inspiration, guidance and wedding style advice? Then this article is for you!
Mauve Mist, Blush Pink, & Soft Lavender: Let’s start with a little inspiration. The many subtle shades of these Blush colors, are all beautifully captured in this NYC skyline image.

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas
Using “Blushes” of any color lends an instant feel of romance and gives a light airy feel to the design base of any wedding. Choosing Blush for your bridesmaid dresses will work in any length and season, adding instant elegance, especially in chiffon, silks, and bridal satin.
Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas-Lisa Sammons Events

Pantone’s Mauve-Mist leans more towards the lavender “blush” category, so we’ll start there! The 2nd segment of our Blush Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration article will have more pink-y blush tones.
Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas-Lisa Sammons Events


Wedding traditional, this chiffon mauve-mist bridesmaid dress is simply lovely. Understated, and in just the right blush-tone, allows for a beautiful pop of lavenders and dark purples in the bridesmaid bouquet. Paired with a silver-metallic strappy sandal from Badgley Mischka rounds out the look.
Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes, Lavender, Rose, Mauve
Real Wedding Planner Advice:
If you want your bridesmaids to splurge on Badgley Mischkas for your wedding, keep the dress in the “affordable” price range. Lisa Sammons Events recommends ModCloth.com for unique bridesmaid dress choices that don’t break the bank. Not only are they are a paid advertiser on our site, but we really believe their products save our clients money and still give them the look they want. It is of course an honor to be asked to be in one’s wedding, but a considerate bride thinks about her bridesmaids’ budget as well as her own when planning her wedding.

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes

Here’s another elegant blush chiffon dress from ModCloth! The sweatheart neckline and design of this blush bridesmaid dress will flatter all body types. Keeping your bridesmaids’ dresses simplified in design allows for more “pop” in their accessories. We added a pair of teal platform pumps and a bridesmaid bouquet with abundant texture to give this bridesmaid look a little oomph.
Real Wedding Planner Advice: With this look, keep your bridesmaids’ jewelry to a minimum. One bracelet, or earrings are all that you need for this look. The pop of teal in the shoe and the multi-colored bouquet are the main accessories in this bridesmaid look.

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes

Illustrating this bridesmaid-style design principle again, but this time with a Country-rustic feel…We chose a simple ModCloth dress again as we are asking bridesmaids to purchase particular cowboy boots to complete their ensemble. Keeping the dress design simplified, and the cowboy boot with a muted pattern allows for more texture and color in the bridesmaid bouquet.

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes, Lavender

Lisa Sammons Events was sourcing bridesmaid dresses recently for a client of our’s and found this Jacquard dress by John Lewis, it leans towards Taupe, but it would work perfectly in a “blush” wedding color scheme.
Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas, Lisa Sammons Events

This dress has the most adorable cut-out in the back too!

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes, Lavender, Patterned Dress

Are you a traditional-elegant bride with a little “country” style? Don’t be afraid to add contrast to your bridesmaids’ look by pairing country-rustic accessories with your elegant bridesmaid choice. Real Wedding Planner Style Tip: Remember to keep your “shoe” muted in pattern and color with a print dress to keep your bridesmaids’ ensemble from looking too busy. We were adventurous with this look, we paired this John Lewis Jacquard dress with a cowboy boot with a similar pattern. We chose an all white bridesmaid bouquet in 1 flower – hydrangea – to mirror the patterns in the complimentary dress and cowboy boot.

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes, Lavender, Rose, Mauve

For a casual-summer-country-rustic wedding... don’t be afraid to choose a patterned sundress for your bridesmaids. Just as in the advice above with the Jacquard dress, remember to keep your bridesmaid bouquet simplified and your shoe (our cowboy boots!) in a muted pattern so the ensemble does not overwhelm the eye. Real Wedding Planner Style Tip: Keep your bridesmaids in mind when choosing this look – not every body-type will be comfortable wearing a spaghetti strap-sundress.

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes, Lavender, Rose, Mauve, Country, Rustci

Taking a little stylist’s artistic license…. we went a little darker with this look to show how you can create contrast with several different “styles” in one look. This contemporary dress in jersey works wonderfully for summer or fall. Add a country-cowboy boot and traditionally elegant bridesmaid bouquet and you have hit all the style notes.
Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes, Lavender, Rose, Mauve, Country, Rustci

Here we have the same jersey dress and cowboy boot, but have paired it with a “country-style” florals to give more of a rustic feel. This bridesmaid style and wedding colors is perfect for late summer and early fall!
Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes, Lavender, Rose, Mauve

Love this look!! So wedding-y….. a fabulous Stuart Weitzman strappy sandal in silver paired with a lovely chiffon dress with delicate accent pleats and pretty satin ribbon at the waist.

Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas-Lisa Sammons Events

We hope you enjoyed Part I of our Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas article. We’ll have Part II of the article published soon – so please visit us again! If you like soft wedding colors, and are still in need of some inspiration, you might like our Champagne Bridesmaid Dress article and our Pantone Linen Bridemaid dress article too.

Here’s a little preview of our Blush Bridesmaid article: Part II…coming soon!
Blush Bridesmaid Dress Ideas with Bouquets & Shoes

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