How to choose your bridesmaid dresses in 5 easy steps

Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Ideas - Coral, Pink, Prints  Lisa Sammons Events, Weddington Way

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How to choose your bridesmaid dresses in 5 easy steps
from Real Wedding Planners at Lisa Sammons Events

#1. Choose your Color …
2015 Pantone Colors for Weddings and Bridesmaids

or “Colors” if you are doing a mixed bridesmaid dress look…

Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Ideas, Real Wedding Planner Advice, Lisa Sammons Events

Not sure how to choose your wedding & bridesmaid dress colors? Real Wedding Planner Advice: Try starting with Pantone Color Swatches as a starting point guide.
After you choose your color, start thinking about length…
Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Ideas - Strawberry, Pink, Blush, Lisa Sammons Events    Weddington Way - Lisa Sammons Events 1

#2 Choose your bridesmaid dress length …
Short bridesmaid dresses, or long bridesmaid dresses…

Long and Short Bridesmaid Dresses together - Weddington Way - Lisa Sammons Events
or a mixed of both for the mixed bridesmaid dress look…


#3 Choose your bridesmaid dress neckline/bodice.
Real Wedding Planner Advice: If you can’t decide, consider going with the mixed bridesmaid “look” for this choice and let your bridesmaids choose what suits their body-type best.
Mixed Bridesmaid Dresses, Aquamarine, Lisa Sammons Events (2)
#4 Choose your bridesmaid dress fabric.

Chiffon - J. Crew - Lisa Sammons Events 1

J. Crew Bridesmaid Chiffon Fabric Swatches

Do you want a lovely, airy romantic feel to your wedding?
Real Wedding Planner Advice:
 Then Chiffon is the fabric for your bridesmaids! Chiffon is a lightweight fabric with a subtle “crinkle” texture thatdrapes beautifully.

Tafetta Swatches- J. Crew. Lisa Sammons Events

J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress Taffeta Fabric Swatches

Taffeta is a light or medium weight fabric known for being crisp and smooth looking. Real Wedding Planner Advice: Great for Contemporary-Elegant weddings!….Taffeta wrinkles easily, so keep that in mind when choosing your bridesmaid dress design.

Crepe Bridesmaid Dress Fabric - J. Crew - Lisa Sammons Events

J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress Crepe Fabric Swatches

Crepe, or Matte Crepe is a beautiful traditional choice for bridesmaid dresses. A medium weight fabric, it moves nicely (think slinky but structured when draped) with a smooth finish for shine-free photos.
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Great for any wedding style.

faille bridesmaid dress fabric - j. crew - lisa sammons events

J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress Faille Fabric Swatches

Faille ! We’re seeing a lot of Faille in contemporary weddings lately. Faille is a soft light ribbed fabric of silk, rayon, taffeta or cotton that has a crosswise rib. Lightweight, with a subtle sheen and a refined cross-rib texture (similar to that of a grosgrain ribbon), this fabric is very photogenic.

Lace -Bridesmaid -  J. Crew - Lisa Sammons Events

J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress  Lace Fabric Swatches

Lace…Another “fabric” that we are seeing more of in bridesmaid dresses is lace, or lace overlay….
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Choosing a lace-y fabric for your bridesmaids is a beautiful way to add texture to your bridesmaids’ style, and works in any season.

Brides & Grooms paired with Bouquets & Shoes:Wedding Style, Lisa Sammons Events

If you can’t decide on your fabric yet … we know !!! it’s hard to decide!! Hang in there… we’re here to help you!
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Stop your bridesmaid dress search for a moment and try to think about the mood or “theme” you want to create with your wedding…this will help get you on track…

Brides & Grooms paired with Bouquets & Shoes:Wedding Style, Lisa Sammons Events

In other words, what is your wedding style? …. Is it Contemporary-Elegant Wedding Style?

Vintage Wedding Dress with Poppy Ribbon

How about Vintage Wedding Style?

Brides & Grooms paired with Bouquets & Shoes:Wedding Style, Lisa Sammons Events

a Country-Rustic Wedding..?

Country-rustic - wedding - Lisa Sammons Events

or Contemporary-Country Wedding Style?!
Real Wedding Planner Advice:
Thinking about your wedding style and the mood you want to create will help you decide on your bridesmaids’ style & their ensembles. Once you have decided on your “theme” or wedding style, then it will help you to choose your fabric to create the mood… Believe it or not, it all starts with your bridesmaid dresses.
Dress Design Chart - Lisa Sammons Events - 2

Now you are almost ready for Step #5…!! Think about the dress design and designer you want… and do you want your bridesmaids to all wear the same bridesmaid dress design?


Real Wedding Planner Advice: There is no rule of thumb, only that it’s your wedding & your decision!  If you leave these 5 steps up to your bridesmaids, and just choose color for them, that’s of course fine! However, you will need to help your girls out…they will need some guidance… because your bridesmaids will want to wear what you want them to wear… so help them with the 5 easy steps by making a few of the decisions for a guideline for their bridesmaid dress shopping.
Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Ideas - Pale Pink - Lisa Sammons Events

For example: if you just choose the color, fabric, and designer, that is a great help to your bridesmaids. And if you leave length, & neckline/bodice to them to decide, that helps narrow it down a bit… and your wedding style is style cohesive in design.
Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Ideas - Strawberry Ice-Tangerine-Lisa Sammons Events

If you like the mixed bridesmaid dress look and still want to give your bridesmaids a choice of dress on their own….here’s how!:
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Choose length, a color “scheme” or tone, and then let them go to it. Even better, choose a few complimentary designers for them to choose from too… It’s a big project, but as the bride, you will need to have your dresses done before any of your “design” work begins in your wedding. Use all the tools at your disposal! Pinterest is great resource too!

Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Ideas - Coral, Pink, Prints  Lisa Sammons Events, Weddington Way

#5: Choose your bridesmaid dress designer & dress design.
Real Wedding Planner Advice: If you are still feeling overwhelmed, try focusing on some designers that you like… a good place to start is with as you can browse several designers at one time and search with color, length, neckline/bodice, design, and style-theme.  If you can’t decide on an exact designer and design before you go shopping, note a handful that you do like before you shop. It will help you filter down the choices when it’s time to purchase!

Here’s the 5 easy steps for quick reference:
1. Choose your bridesmaid dress color(s)
2. Choose your bridesmaid dress length(s)
3. Choose your bridesmaid dress neckline/bodice
4. Choose your bridesmaid dress fabric(s)
5. Choose your designer(s) & bridesmaid dress designs

Weddington Way - Lisa Sammons Events

We hope our Real Wedding Planner Advice helps you with your bridesmaid dress search!
Here’s some bonus Real Wedding Planner Advice to help you in your bridesmaid dress shopping:

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