How to Create Harmony & Romance in Your Home

How to Create Harmony & Romance in Your Home
With Valentine’s Day approaching, we wanted to write a little “How to create (and keep!) harmony & romance in your home” for you!
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Starting off with your bedroom of course! Your bedroom is a peaceful escape from the worries of everyday life. Naturally your bedroom should be place of relaxation & sleep, but an adult bedroom should also encourage romance, passion, and intimacy. Here’s 5 quick & easy steps to start you off, but first, you’ll need a little preparation (easy!)

Step up to your bedroom door and take a look with different “eyes” on…Does your bedroom bring on feelings of immediate calm, peace, and restfulness? Let’s start there… and as always, tbe next step is to use Feng Shui as a guide.

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If you aren’t familiar with Feng Shui principles, then do a little research. It will help you in your mission!

A Feng Shui bedroom is designed precisely for the qualities mentioned previously: to promote rest, relaxation, and romance. Feng Shui bedroom design considers everything: bedroom colors, art, accessories, placement of the bed, and more.
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Do a quick “tidy up” … de-clutter your bedroom will help you clear your mind and make your space a blank canvas.

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Then, do a quick reminder checklist to make sure you are on track with your bedroom decor and Feng Shui. Here are the quick & easy steps to decorating your bedroom. from our previous article.

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Now you are ready! Here are your Feng Shui BedroomTune-up Tips:
#1. At night: Shut all doors every night in your bedroom.
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Remember, your main bedroom door, closet doors, and your master bathroom door too. While you are closing your doors, think about your dresser drawers too and make sure those are closed as well. This keeps all chi energy pathways flowing freely without becoming blocked.

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Image & Room Design Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs via

#2.  Fix any broken items in your room, especially your bedroom door. Even if your bedroom door squeaks or sticks a little, think about it, you don’t want your relationship getting stuck! Fixing your bedroom door is an easy fix with some WD-40 or door oil on hinges to eliminate your door creaks.
Another door “item” to check is your bedroom doorknob. If your your bedroom doorknob doesn’t turn or open easily, get out your screwdriver! Your bedroom door is the entrance to your shared sanctuary and your love life. Making these little fixes and repairs will make it easy for love, peace, and restful energy to enter your bedroom space..


#3. Make sure sheets, pillowcases, blankets, duvet covers, and pillows (and your bed!) are made from natural materials.

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#4. Check your bedroom mirror location. Mirror placement is tricky for bedrooms. According to Feng Shui principles, the worst place for a mirror in the bedroom is directly across from the foot of the bed, or if it is positioned to catch your reflection while you are in your bed.

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For those who do not have a separate dressing room adjacent to their bedroom, try moving the position of your mirror to a place that is more auspicious. If you can’t move your bedroom mirror, try draping fabric over it at night. For those who have mirrored closet doors, try installing drapery to easily close when your mirror is not in use.



#5. Check your bedroom lighting. If you have a hanging light directly over your bed, either reposition your bed, or do not turn on the light. Try to avoid harsh lighting (think romance & peaceful atmosphere!)


Easy fix! The easiest update to your bedroom decor is the addition of candles! Adding candlelight enhances romantic thoughts and feelings naturally with an easy purchase and install.

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Also do a check of all your lights in your bedroom. Replace broken or burned out lightbulbs in your bedroom right away to ensure good energy flow. The last thing you want in your bedroom is stale energy in the room!
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#5. Adding happy photos of you and your romantic partner together are a great way to note your wonderful relationship together.Romance will naturally be in the air as you are both subliminally reminded of happy times you have spent together.

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As you are trying to enhance “romance”, keep your bedroom just for you and your partner. Keep your family photos, kids, friends (and parents) in “family” or living rooms.

Image Sources: Pottery Barn, Houzz, Horchow, Wayfair, Dot&Bo, Joss&Main
Stay tuned for Part 2 ! More decor tips to create and keep harmony & romance in your home!

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