How to request catering quotes

How to request catering quotes
Real Wedding Planner Advice from Lisa Sammons EventsHow to request a catering quote - Lisa Sammons Events

Even if you have a wedding planner, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with “How catering works” and “How to request a catering quote”
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Real Wedding Planner Advice: Contacting a caterer with a 1 line email asking for a wedding quote will make your process longer than it needs to be. Here’s how to get your quote faster from caterers, but you will need to do some prep before you contact your preferred caterers for quotes. Following these 11 steps will help expedite your quote and put you further ahead in the caterer’s quote “queue”.
Wedding Planning Homework - Real Wedding Planner - Lisa Sammons Events

Here is your homework! 11 items to prepare your catering quote inquiry: 

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1. What is the date of your wedding – Why? If the caterer is already booked on your wedding day, then they will not create a custom quote for you. (makes sense – right?)
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2. How many people will you be INVITING to your wedding? Not how many people you “guess” will be attending… and please make sure you count your parents, your bridal party, any children, and most importantly… you and your fiance!
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 3. What type of reception menu do you want for your wedding? Cocktail Party Style?

How to request a catering quote - Lisa Sammons Events

Individually Plated and Served Dinner?

How to request a catering quote - Lisa Sammons Events

or a Buffet Dinner?
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4. Where is your wedding ceremony and where is your wedding reception?

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5. What time is your wedding ceremony?

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6. Is your wedding reception venue inside a building or are you having a tented wedding?
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7. What are the kitchen facilities like at your wedding reception venue? (and do they allow outside caterers)
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8. Will want your caterer to provide beverage and bar service? And what will that consist of?
Open Bar? Cash Bar? and will you want wine served with dinner at your guest tables?

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9. What type of liquor service will your venue allow? 

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10. What are your favorite foods, wedding guest food allergies, likes and dislikes?

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11. Will you be having a wedding cake? and/or will you want dessert provided/served?

Now make a list of the answers to these 11 items and you are ready to create your email to send your potential caterers!

We hope this “How to request a catering quote” article is helpful! We have already started “How does catering work” article to help you prepare for your caterer’s response to your inquiry… coming up next!

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