Waiting to hire your wedding planner is never a good idea

Waiting to hire your wedding planner is never a good idea!
Why you shouldn’t wait to hire a wedding planner: Real Wedding Planner Advice from Lisa Sammons Events.

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If you wait to hire your wedding planner, you might be paying more for your venues, vendors, and rentals…
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Things to consider if you wait to hire your wedding planner….remember it will take your newly hired wedding planner several weeks/months to get up to speed and make contact, establish relationships with your vendors, and ensure you are on point (and in budget) for your wedding.
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If you know that you want a wedding planner, but want to come up with your own vision for your wedding design, don’t wait to hire your planner until you feel like you are in a good place with the design details. Wedding planners can help you brainstorm and come up with the best plans for your vision  and ensure you stay on budget using their planning and design experience and connections with vendors.

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Another reason to hire your wedding planner early is so you can enjoy your engagement. Planning your engagement photo session, attending engagment parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and pre-wedding events really can start to soak up the time in the months before your wedding. By the time bridal showers and bachelorette parties roll around, you should have your functional wedding necessities on hold.
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During your engagement year, your vision’s event design elements & event production will need to be in full swing throughout the year for sourcing equipment. If you wait to hire your wedding planner until just a few months before your wedding, all of your wonderful dream wedding plans will need to be expedited (rushed) more quickly (fast-tracked). Additionally, the rentals and equipment you have your heart set on may not be available any longer.
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The longer you wait to hire your wedding planner, or start your wedding planning, vendor discounts that you might have received may be limited. Waiting to the last minute often times means having to throw money at things to make them happen, which is never a good thing!

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Another very important reason you should not wait to hire your wedding planner is as one approaches “wedding season” most vendors (i.e. tent companies, rental companies, bands, photographers, etc) are either already booked, or “in season” themselves, which delays their preparation of quotes for you, and ultimately your entire wedding booking process.
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Remember no matter when you start your wedding planning (with a wedding planner or DIY) you will be in “queues” for all your vendors. Printing, quotes, estimates, etc. The longer you wait to get started with your wedding planning puts you at the end of the line after the brides & grooms that have already started their planning. Having your date just around the corner, does not put you at the top of vendors’ to-do lists, everything has a queue.
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The longer you wait to book your wedding planner, the more stressful your planning process will be. Your wedding planner will do their very best to keep your anxiety levels down, but when you wait to the last minute, you aren’t helping your wedding planning mission. EVERYONE (vendors and wedding planners) will be working at a very high level and around the clock to get you back on track chronologically, and this could add to your pre-wedding jitters.
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Lastly, another reason to book your wedding planner as soon as possible is so they can assist you in planning your wedding vendor payments and spacing them out accordingly throughout your engagement year.
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The closer you wait to start your planning, the larger your vendor payments will be upfront and right before your wedding. Wedding planners can negotiate payment plans with wedding vendors on your behalf, and having a larger window of time will help make your individual vendor payments smaller and more manageable.

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Savvy engaged couples know hiring their wedding planner within the first 30 days of their engagement will have them enjoying their wedding planning process at a leisurely planning pace.

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Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time finding your perfect wedding dress, spending time with your fiance’, and enjoying your engagement? 🙂

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