Red-White-and Blue Weddings

Red-White-and Blue Weddings
Celebrating America on your Wedding Day!
Thinking of having your wedding to coincide with a summer holiday weekend? 

Red, White, and Blue Weddings

Real Wedding Planner Advice: Having your wedding on a holiday weekend is a thoughtful way to give your guests a little cushion with their travel plans. If you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s also nice for your guests who plan to take a long weekend to coincide with your wedding weekend plans.

You can use a little artistic license with your wedding color scheme when planning your Red, White, and Blue wedding…We’ve put a few themes together with Wedding Style, Attire, Reception ideas, and dessert for you below…

First we’ll start with the bride! In this Style, Inspiration, and Design collage we’ve chosen a beautiful Pronovias wedding dress with fringe detail in the design. This wedding dress could easily work for a traditional “inside” wedding or an outside vintage-rustic or country-style wedding. Real Wedding Planner Advice: If your wedding style leans more towards the traditional, then choose your blues and reds in deeper, darker hues.

Red, White, and Blue Weddings

For the bridal party, keep the look and feel of the traditional-elegant wedding with the darker hues in the reds and blues. In the florals, choose traditional wedding flowers with larger, soft petals to keep the look simplified.

If your wedding style is traditionally elegant, but you still love rustic – country weddings… there is no reason you can’t bridge the 2 styles. Add simple “country” styles that are not busy in design, cleaner lines but with a rustic touch will make your wedding look classically romantic.

Having a more “casual” wedding does not mean it has to look “cheap”. Real Wedding Planner Advice: Choose a short dress and pair it with cowboy boots! The soft ruffles in this Pronovias short wedding dress are simply lovely. Remember to keep your bridal bouquet in 1 solid color and with soft petals to keep the look from overwhelming the eye.

Red, White, and Blue Weddings

Red, White, & Blue Dresses by Modcloth

Have fun with it! There are no rules – it’s your wedding… have your Bridesmaids dress in Red, White, and Blue to give your wedding the pop of color! Real Wedding Planner Advice: If you choose this look, remember to keep your bridesmaid bouquets simple and in 1 solid color, especially if you choose the country-style-print bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids.

Don’t forget to tie in your wedding cake! Enlist your baker’s help to choose the best cake design for your overall wedding day event design. Explain what your bridesmaids are wearing, the flowers you have chosen, and what your wedding reception event design details are during your wedding cake meeting.

There is nothing worse than the wedding cake not coordinating with your wedding design details. It doesn’t mean it has to be matchy-matchy, but the design should be cohesive with the rest of your wedding’s event design. Your wedding planner will help you with this piece and should work in conjunction with your wedding cake baker to ensure your entire wedding “design” is pulled together. Real Wedding Planner Advice: Having cupcakes is a great way to keep the wedding casual too. As Real Wedding Planners at Lisa Sammons Events, we are asked frequently about the cost of wedding cupcakes vs. a wedding cake.

The real wedding planner answer is: They cost is the same. Intracate design on large wedding cakes take the wedding cake designers time to design and create = $. Multiply that same idea by 200 cupcakes and you have the same price. Time is money. Cupcakes are not the “cheaper” option…. it’s just about the “look” and “feel” you want for your wedding. At the end of the day it’s cake. So if you have 200 wedding guests, then you need enough “cake” for 200 guests, whether it is in a wedding cake form or in cupcakes.

Another fun idea for dessert time are Red, White, and Blue Popsicles, or any other fun campy dessert items.

Summer-time brings Strawberries for your Red and Blueberries for your Blue, so having a dessert station/bar is a great way to incorporate your Red, White, and Blue wedding colors as well.

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