What Wedding Planners Do-Part 2

What Wedding Planners Do-Part 2
An inside look from New England & New York wedding planners at Lisa Sammons Events.

what wedding planners do


If you are recently engaged, you are probably starting to realize you need to stay on top of your wedding planning, even in the first few weeks of your engagement. “What wedding planners do” is a question we receive in many forms as real wedding planners. Picking up from part 1 of our “What wedding planners do” article ….here’s What Wedding Planners Do-Part 2:

what wedding planners do

After your contract is signed and you book your wedding planner, wedding planners will “venue scout” (look for viable wedding venues and sites) for you and filter out wedding venue options to save you time (and money). They’ll put together some options for you to tour together so you can decide which works best for your budget and for the style of your wedding.

what wedding planners do

Wedding planners also start to retrieve quotes and hire your wedding vendors for you (with your approval of course), review, and negotiate their contracts.
Throughout your wedding planning process, your wedding planner also effectively plans to prevent mishaps that could result in rush order shipping fees and unnecessary charges from your wedding vendors.
what wedding planners do - lisa sammons events

Wedding Planners also keep you and your fiance on schedule during your wedding planning year, reminding you of obligations, appointments, and budget restrictions.
As you get closer to your wedding date, your wedding planner will create your wedding day timeline (or wedding weekend timeline) and manage all vendor deliveries, and arrivals ensuring everything and everyone arrives on time for your wedding events.
what wedding planners do

Most engaged couples do not know that wedding planners start to manage your wedding at booking with your wedding vendors. This does not just happen the month before your wedding! There are many confirmation and reconfirmations throughout the wedding planning process.
In the wedding “industry” we’ve seen “day of” and “month of” planning services become more popular throughout the last few years as engaged couples assume it is a way to save money. Hiring a “day of” or “month of” planner does not save you money or time, nor does it guarantee your wedding day will go perfectly.

what wedding planners do

Full service wedding planners however, save you money consistently in the booking process when hiring your vendors as they negotiate and receive discounts on your behalf. Speaking for Lisa Sammons Events, we ALWAYS save our clients more than our fee in vendor discounts and waived fees, giving more value to our wedding planning services for our clients.

Wedding Style & Design:
If you already know your wedding style and have a vision for your wedding – that is great! This doesn’t mean your wedding planner will make their vision your’s….What we do however, is bring our experienced event design “eye” to the process to bring your wedding vision to fruition. A phrase that Lisa Sammons Events uses frequently with their clients is Your Style – Your Vision – Your Wedding”,

Navy-Blush-and Neutrals-Wedding-Lisa Sammons Events

Example of how LSE bridged a recent bride & groom’s style together giving them both what they wanted for their wedding this past September.

We bridge bride and groom’s styles together to make their weddings about the 2 of them, not just only the bride or groom’s taste. Experienced wedding planners are event designers first and foremost, and can give you ideas on how your vision can come to life (and suggest the most cost effective ways of achieving your vision). Wedding Planners also pull together all your “wants” and design details to ensure your “look” and wedding event design is cohesive.

what wedding planners do
Full-service and experienced wedding planners also have tried and true vendors to choose from – starting with venues, florist, rental companies, caterers, invitation paper suites, entertainment, photography, hair & make-up, wedding attire, transportation, and accommodations (just to name a few).

What wedding planners do -lisa sammons events

If you have your own vendor ideas,talk them over with your wedding planner and see if they know the vendor. Real Wedding Planner Advice: Remember, if you book your vendors before you hire your wedding planner, the contracts can not be renegotiated to save you money, so book your wedding planner first!

Navy-Ivory-Wedding-Lisa Sammons Events

Image: Rebekah Kay Photography

Wedding planners can help you choose your bridesmaid dresses, your wedding dress, groomsmen attire and your groom’s suit as well.

Newport Wedding, Lisa Sammons Events

Wedding planners design and create your table-scapes (table designs), lighting, and any and all visual details, always advising further on budget along the way.

how does hiring a wedding planner save you money

An experienced wedding planner will advise you properly throughout your process together and will keep you on your budget, explaining ways to save money and still get the wedding design and details you want.

Arbitrator – Bonus !
Your wedding planner is YOUR advocate, we are here for you and your fiance first and foremost. …So when your soon-to-be in-laws or the MOB, or the pushy aunt starts to step over the line with their .02 cents, it’s a great feeling to be able to say, “hmmm I’m not sure about that, I’ll have to ask our wedding planner” (just one example of how we help reduce stress and keep the peace!)

what wedding planners do

Not only does your wedding planner take care of all the “business” end of planning your wedding, the phone calls/emails, and meetings, they also have already vetted all the best vendor resources (reliable and best priced) throughout their years in the wedding planning business, saving you even more time & money along the way.

what wedding planners do

Experienced Wedding & Event Planners are also very strong event managers, which is what you want for your events. You want a wedding planner that has a strong event management background to run your events for you. Your caterer does not run your wedding events, nor does your DJ, or even the banquet managers at hotels. If you do not hire a wedding planner, you will be the point person on your wedding day. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your day with your new spouse, your family and friends? A wedding planner is your point person on the day of your wedding and will ensure everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy your wedding day!what wedding planners do

A note to savvy engaged couples: Hiring a “day of planner” because they are “cheaper” is not the smartest way to go. Remember, you get what you pay for. Day of planners are generally just starting off in the wedding planning business and generally do not have strong event management skills.
what wedding planners do-lse
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Hire an experienced full service wedding planner with strong organizational and management skills. As an aside, if you are shopping for wedding planners and they do not return your inquiry with in 2 business days, they most likely will not be responsive after you hire them. First and foremost your wedding planner should be easy to contact. they should also be responsive to your needs. (Lisa Sammons Events response time is 48 hours for all inquiries and communications).

what wedding planners do - lse

A note about inquiring with your proposed wedding planners when shopping for information: We’re going to give it to you straight! 🙂 In your “inquiry” stage, something to note is Wedding planners do not share their vendor lists with non-clients or other vendors and they take this and their time very seriously. (time = money). Wedding planners are paid for their intellectual property and their experience in designing, planning, producing, and managing events and weddings. (wedding planners provide a professional service like a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or management consultant). If you inquire and ask for information outside of a wedding planner’s consultation, and they do not share the information you are “shopping” for, try not to be discouraged. Some wedding planners do not give free consultations for this reason.
(However ! Lisa Sammons Events does give complimentary consultations with inquiries, so please feel free to contact us at anytime!)

what wedding planners do
Wedding planners are some of the hardest working individuals in the hospitality profession! Did you know that most wedding planners work an average of 80-90 hours a week – 7 days a week?!
Any wedding planner that does not work full-time at their profession, is not a “professional wedding planner” (something to keep in mind when interviewing wedding planners).

what wedding planners do
Time management is also a wedding planner’s forte, which means they will walk you through the wedding planning process AFTER you hire them, not before….as with everything, time is money, and the time a wedding planner spends on wedding projects is paramount, not only to them, but most importantly to their new & existing clients as well.
How to Save time and Money Planning your Wedding
Items to note: You will want to give your wedding planner time to put proposals together and get quotes from vendors. Your wedding planner knows when to push vendors for time related items, and how to keep their relationships strong in order to save their clients money. Rushing to get a wedding planned can cost vendors unnecessary money, not just brides and grooms…
Real Wedding Planner Advice: Give yourself enough time to plan your wedding – 12 months is the general rule – 18 months is better. Life happens, and you don’t want to stop living your life the year before your wedding – you want to enjoy your engagement, perhaps travel, take a vacation, leisurely shop for your wedding dress, and have FUN with the process.

what wedding planners do.

Rushing the planning and your vendors puts unnecessary strain on the wedding, your family and you and your finace, (and your wedding vendors!) even before your wedding date happens. Be good to yourself!!! Make it a happy day from the start. Don’t rush it! Hire a professional wedding planner, and enjoy your engagement and wedding planning process!

Navy-Ivory-Wedding-Lisa Sammons Events

Image: Rebekah Kay Photography

Hire a wedding planner!! We will make wonderful things happen for you… and save you time, money, and reduce the your stress-level!

NH Wedding Planner, Lisa Sammons

For more on how wedding planners at Lisa Sammons Events help you with your wedding, please see the LSE“About Us” page here.

We hope you found LSE’s inside look at ”What Wedding Planners Do-part 2”  helpful!
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