Free Wedding Budget Calculator

Free Wedding Budget Calculator

Wedding Budget Calculator-Free Planner Tool
Looking for a free wedding budget calculator / tool to help you with your wedding planning?
Real Wedding Planners at Lisa Sammons Events created a free wedding budget tool for you that you can work on, save your work, and return to at anytime during your wedding planning process.

Lisa Sammons Events’ wedding budget calculator tool is 100% secure and private, only you can see your information. Remember – don’t forget to save your work!

It’s easy to set up – you just go to the budget planner page, enter a user name and password and then get right to work! A user name and password is only required so you can save your work and come back to it. We do not contact you, unless you contact us for help with your wedding planning. Please use it with our compliments. and.. Happy Wedding Planning!

How to use the Wedding Budget Planner Tool:

Then hit enter.

The wedding budget calculator tool populates how much you have to spend in each area with your total wedding fund entered.

The third column “actual” is to enter what you actually are spending. This will help you keep an accurate on going tab of how you are doing with your wedding fund. For example, if you decide to cut something in the decor department to save money, you can move your savings around to another “department”.

Also, it will show you if you are saving in one area vs. another… you’ll easily see how saving on one vendor or wedding “department” will help you shift money to another that you might be short on funds for….And speaking of “saving” Remember to SAVE your work by clicking “Save” at the bottom of your page. You can come back anytime to update and finish your work, your information is private, and we will not contact you unless you decide to sign up for our newsletter, or if you decide you would like to contact Lisa Sammons Eventson your own. Please use this free wedding budget calculator tool with our compliments and happy wedding planning!

Questions? Need more detailed info? Feel free to contact Lisa Sammons Events at anytime. We are happy to help!
Article: Lisa Sammons – Owner/Principal Planner & Lead Designer – Lisa Sammons Events /Contributor & Features Editor: Style, Inspiration, & Design.

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