Should you hire a wedding planner

Should you hire a wedding planner?

Should you hire a wedding planner

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Real NH wedding planners at Lisa Sammons Events answer is… “YES”! you should hire a wedding planner. The”whys” first and foremost are that hiring a wedding planner will save you money, regardless of their fee. Real Wedding Planners at Lisa Sammons Events can save you money, time, and stress in the months before your wedding, on your wedding day, and even after your wedding weekend has past.

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However, if you really want to plan your own wedding from start to finish, ask yourself the questions below to see if you can plan your own wedding, or if you should hire a wedding planner….
Should you hire a wedding planner

Businesss Hours Meetings and Communications: Can you take calls, answer emails during the day, schedule and meet with vendors and discuss wedding details during “normal” business hours?

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Do you know where you’re getting married? Sounds like a crazy question – right?

Should you hire a wedding planner?

If you and you fiance are still shopping venues and wedding dates, you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner to assist you with your process, negotiate venue fees, and help you decide on the best date for your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner early in your wedding planning timeline will save you a lot of money.

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Have your friends and family volunteered to help with your wedding planning?
If the answer is yes, great! and so sweet, but the sub-question to this is…. Are you the type of bride that will “let” friends and family help you with the planning? And can you your volunteers stay focused, timely, and organized? Also, who will be managing your volunteers? In other words, who is going to lead and organize your wedding planning volunteers in the months before your wedding and on your wedding weekend? And the big question is, will your volunteers deliver YOUR vision for your wedding?..or will they continually suggest ideas that take you away from what you envision for your wedding? (remember, your wedding planner is YOUR advocate during your wedding planning process and will deliver what you envision while keeping your event and wedding overall design cohesive)

How to Save time and Money Planning your Wedding

Are you usually very punctual person who writes and follows schedules well?
This is a very important point…
How to decide on your wedding date
Do you answer emails and return phone calls/voicemails within 24 hours?
This is a MUST in the wedding planning world.

Is planning and organizing in general fun for you? How well do you handle stress?  If you don’t like meetings, scheduling, planning the mechanics of event operations, working budgets and managing people, then planning your own wedding is not for you.
Real Planner Advice: Don't Procrastinate

Are you deadline oriented? Missing deadlines often times costs money and could also loose you vendors, venues, specialty rentals, any and all details of your wedding.

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Do you grasp the overall concept of your wedding? Wedding planning has several different components. Event and Wedding Design as a whole, Wedding Planning as it pertains to vendorsHiring and Managing VendorsBudgeting expenses and wedding departments, Managing Guests and Bridal Party,  and then of course coordinating and managing all of the components on your wedding day and wedding weekend.

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Finally, you will need to wrap up of your wedding site(s) and wrap-up with all your vendors after your wedding and the week directly after your wedding (when might be on your honeymoon!) Tents, rentals, caterers, all your fun special custom wedding decor items will need to be restored to the same condition as they were before your wedding, packed and prepared for pick-up directly after your wedding reception or scheduled for dismantle and pick-up the week following your wedding (when most married couples are on their honeymoon)

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Think about yourself and the kind of day you want your wedding day to be…. do you want it to be relaxing & stress-free? Just being able to take those precious moments for just the 2 of you on your wedding day is priceless. Hiring a wedding planner to release your vision and wedding planning to will give you the time, save you money, and solve all of the above….So the answer to “Should you hire a wedding planner” is YES! 🙂
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